Brehm Center is a Christ-centered, spiritually nourishing community that guides and resources leaders to care for culture, creatively explore and express their calling, and critically integrate worship, theology, and the arts.

The Brehm Center is a spiritually nurturing community that guides and resources Christian leaders to critically engage culture, explore their calling, and creatively integrate worship, theology, and the arts.  Brehm Center does not operate as a separate school at Fuller. Rather, a Brehm Center Emphasis can be pursued in tandem with any current Fuller Seminary Degree program in the schools of Theology, Psychology, or Intercultural Studies.  The Brehm Center and its programs continue to augment and enrich the life of the seminary and its community making Fuller a truly unique environment in which to study and pursue your calling. 

Founded in 2001, and named after Fuller Seminary Board of Trustee members William and Delores Brehm, Brehm Center’s mission is to revitalize the church and culture through the arts. We believe that God is the original artist, the first Creator. By engaging expert faculty, world-class artists, and visiting scholars to investigate the theory and practice of making art in ministry, we hope to inspire a new generation of thoughtful, creative, and culturally engaged leaders that can wisely speak into the church as well as beyond its walls. 

About Our Founders

In 1994, William K (Bill) and Delores S. (Dee) Brehm urged Fuller Seminary to provide opportunities for the integration of worship, theology, and the arts. The Brehms offered their support for this initiative by endowing a faculty chair and then founding the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts in 2001. Bill has been on Fuller’s Board of Trustees since 1983 and was a past board chair.

Bill and Dee are devoted to diabetes research and have created a center for research on Type 1 Diabetes at the University of Michigan Medical School. They have also worked with Dee’s alma mater Eastern Michigan University to establish a scholarship program for those pursuing careers in special education. Read more...

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