Land of Kim

July 29, 2015

This 6-hour series will be the definitive media project about North Korea, whose government and ruling dynasty of dictators has suppressed basic freedoms of expression, perpetrated countless human rights atrocities, and violated international rules for nuclear weapons development. This project will tell the story of North Korea from its turbulent beginnings after World War II to its current role in the world community. Through expert interviews, stories from refugees, narrative animation, and archival footage, audiences will be stunned by the North Korea tragedy and encouraged to become more engaged in finding solutions. Through supplemental online and educational resources, audiences will be encouraged and empowered to become more involved with a number of partner organizations that are working on the front lines of human rights and humanitarian aid for North Koreans.

This project will highlight a number of the most prominent NGOs that are working to solve the North Korean human rights and humanitarian issues. Our job is to make viewers into doers by raising awareness and then inspiring audiences to get involved with organizations that they align with the most. Our methods of outreach, engagement and distribution will be focused on connecting those new believers to the right organizations. We want this series to spark conversation, provoke thought and urge our society to ask difficult questions about our responsibility to the global neighborhood.

ROB BETHKE is the Director and Executive Producer of Land of Kim. He has produced and directed a number of short and feature films and is also the president of United World Media.

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