Not With A Bang

July 15, 2015

The Consummation of a Believed Lie

What do lies consume? Do they consume the truth, replacing it instead with constructed reality? And once truth has been digested in the belly of belief and passed through the body of the lie, does it become a distortion of itself, the way a mirage distorts the sand of a barren desert?

While systematic belief is the structure within which lies operate in the construction of false realities, the mechanism by which they are perpetuated is certainly consumption. Lies are consumed masquerading as beliefs within a spectrum of resonance; we consume those ideas that resonate with our beliefs.

While the system may be belief and the mechanism may be consumption, the vehicle is art. I want to call this process artifaction. Artifaction happens when the artifact is consumed in an uncritical manner. It is enabled by the production of an art-ifact for the purposeof consumption.

The Consummation of a Believed Lie addresses this issue from as many directions as I could imagine. This particular piece, “Not With a Bang,” deals with themes of perceptions of reality and the ways in which we are enticed to adopt positions in relation to those perceptions through the consumption of ideas. Ideas produce choices; choices, actions.

“Not With a Bang” is the first composition off my upcoming record Believable Lies. The album explores the issue of unstable realities, and arrives at the conclusion that reality itself is no evaluative criterion for ideas, as it itself is a construction of ideas.

NATHAN MYRICK is a Musician, Theologian and aspiring Writer. His recent album, Believable Lies, is available on BandCamp.

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