Brehm Center believes in the revitalization of the Church through the arts and the renewing of culture through beauty. Our Emphases empower artists, theologians and leaders to live as integrated agents of change for Christ and the world. 

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The Brehm Center is an innovative space for the creative integration of worship, theology, & arts in culture.


Brehm Center is a Christ-centered, spiritually nourishing community that guides and resources leaders to care for culture, creatively explore and express their calling, and critically integrate worship, theology, and the arts.


Experience the intersection of faith and art though Brehm Center events and activities


Initiatives are the movements of Brehm Center. Change culture with us through worship, music, film, preaching and art.


Participate in the Integration of Worship, Theology, and Art through the Brehm Emphasis at Fuller Theological Seminary
135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182