Theology and the Arts Certificate

The Brehm Center has designed a six-course (24 quarter unit) certificate for Fuller Theological Seminary that will be offered through the School of Theology. This certificate serves two purposes: First, it provides an opportunity for artists-of-faith (and those interested in issues of faith, art, and culture) who are considering graduate school to deepen the theological foundations of their faith as they prepare for further studies.

The benefit of the certificate is that some in this program may opt for completing a degree at Fuller, while others may continue to pursue graduate studies through another degree such as a Master in Fine Arts (MFA). Second, it gives working artists, interested lay persons, and ministers not able to pursue a full theological degree an opportunity to form a theological foundation for their work. Professional artists, ministers, church musicians, and leaders who cannot relocate or leave their current job will have access to Fuller courses and faculty through immersion-hybrid and online courses.

Learning Outcomes

Through the course of their studies in this program, students will develop an integrated theological foundation for their artistry or ministry. This will be accomplished through completing core theology courses, as well as courses that require participants to integrate the study of theology with the study of art, culture, and worship practices. Throughout these courses students will be able to respond creatively through their own work to their theological studies. Three learning outcomes are the pillars of this program:

A theological foundation on which to draw and reflect
The ability to integrate theology, worship, arts, and culture
The validation of creative response to theological studies

To complete the experience in pursuing this certificate, students will take a course that asks them to explore the relationship between their theology and their vocation, asking questions such as the following:

How do I understand my vocation and how God fits into the work that I do and the life that I lead?
How do I walk faithfully as a committed Christian—as an artist, minister, or lay professional—in a context that often misunderstands my work? 
How do I better integrate the arts with theology and worship (belief and practice) in my community?

Curriculum (24 units)

Take one course from the following list (4 units):

TC516 Worship, Theology, and Art
TC517 Theological Method for Worship and the Arts
TC581 Worship, Theology, and the Arts Touchstone

Take any combination of three Theology and Culture (TC) or Worship Studies (WS) classes (12 units)

Take two General Electives (8 units)

Note: Students enrolled in the certificate are strongly encouraged to take one of the hybrid courses we offer at South By Southwest, Sundance, and Orvieto. The courses are immersive in nature and specifically contextualized to those locations.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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