Information for People Interested in Attending SXSW as a Participant


SXSW Immersion Course 2016
March 15-19, 2016
TC 515: Understanding Popular Music.
Instructors: Barry Taylor with Nate Risdon

Immersion Course Overview

We live in an age where popular music provides a “soundtrack” to our lives; this course will explore the theological implications of this cultural artifact, including an immersive exposure to the live music experience at the South by Southwest Festival. The course will explore the relationship between music makers and their audiences from a phenomenological and theological perspective

Winter Quarter 2016 Course 

Here is a link to the ECD for TC 515 Understanding Popular Music, the course being taught both online and in Austin, Texas.


Participants sit in on the class as it meets in Austin at the SXSW music festival from March 17-21. Participants cannot access the online portion of the class prior to our time together in Austin. Participants are defined as the following: 

local church leaders and musicians
prospective students and alumni

Participants do not need to fill out an application in order to participate. Participants become enrolled as such by filling out this information form and submitting the participation fee (see below).

Participant Fee: $1000.00. In order to participate in the class, participants are required to pay the participation fee. Please click on this LINK and follow the directions. Once you have paid the participation fee, we will be in contact with you regarding further details. You can also receive 4 units of continuing education credit for your participation in the class. If you are interested in continuing education credit, please contact Nate Risdon ( for more details. 


Participants in this course will be provided lodging at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. It is likely that you will be staying with at least one other participant or student of the same gender. Students and participants are expected during the course of their stay to abide by Fuller Theological Seminary’s community standards. 


Please plan arriving on Monday, March 14. We will have a welcome dinner on Monday evening that you should plan on attending. Class will begin on Tuesday morning at 10:00am. You will be responsible for getting to the location of the dinner whether you are flying into Austin or driving. Important note, at the dinner:

This is when you will be assigned to your host family.


To and from Austin

If coming from out of town, you are responsible to get to Austin. If flying by air, please make arrangements to fly in to the Austin airport. If driving, please make note of the location of our welcome dinner. 

Ground transport during the class 

We will have vans to pick you up at your host family’s home each morning that class is in session. There will also be a designated pick up schedule in evening to get you back to your host home. The details of this pick up schedule will be announced via an email the week before we are set to arrive in Austin.   Again, transportation is provided only for those staying in designated host homes.

Estimated Travel Costs

Airfare: $400-800 round trip

Additional Costs

Please budget for covering the cost of most of your meals and other incidentals.

Please full out this form if you are interested in participating in this course.

135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182