From The Glen Workshop:

The Glen Workshop, sponsored by Image Journal, is an innovative and enriching program combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a conference.

Taught by nationally acclaimed authors and artists, the daily workshops offer close attention to attendees of all levels. Afternoons and evenings feature readings, lectures, concerts, and worship services incorporating the arts.

Like its sponsor, Image, the Glen Workshop is grounded in a Christian perspective, but its tone is informal and hospitable to all spiritual wayfarers.

The Glen Workshop has now accrued eighteen years’ worth of rich traditions and friendships, some continuing from the earliest days and some that have just begun in the last few years. Returners and newcomers alike enjoy the rich and rewarding community they find at the Glen.

Fuller Seminary students can obtain two units of credit by participating in either Glen East or West and by doing a directed reading with Gregory Wolfe, founder of Image Journal and the Director of the Center for Religious Humanism.

135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182