O God, Do Not Keep Silent!

By Melody Zhang on August 12, 2015
When violence devastates a community, one of the most valuable resources the church can offer is the practice of lament.

Worship Resources from the Fuller Forum

With Marissa Ortiz on June 1, 2015
For the second annual Fuller Forum, we arranged a series of liturgies following the theme of “Justice, Grace, and Law in the Mission of God.”

In Toward God, Out Into the World

By Kathryn Cheng With on January 13, 2014
My deepest moments of joy happen in the presence of God, worshiping Him as I enjoy His nearness.  I’m not an emotional person by any means – as an INTP I am very much an analytical thinker – yet tears always flow when I’m genuinely engaged in worship.  They come

Rest for the Weary

By Nathan Ely With on December 9, 2013
There will always come a time where you will find yourself struggling to keep your head above the water as a worship leader. You may be asked serve in uncomfortable ways or ways in which you are not experienced. In worship ministry, versatility is a rare commodity to be cherished, appreciated and

Mercenary Musicians

By Jennifer Thigpenn With on November 20, 2013
I recently had a conversation with my parents who, in the last month, have transitioned into the senior pastor role at a small church in Panorama City, CA. The church they have walked into has a lackluster worship team that is stuck singing worship choruses from the 1960s. Instrumentally they are

Blimey Cow

By Travis Kingma With on November 18, 2013
For many, the wonder of God’s presence in the art of music is often based on our ability to hear messages that relate to our experiences.  One could speculate that it seems that some of our music within the Christian community does not always quite align with the honesty needed in the

Worship as Dialogue

By Kathryn Cheng With on November 11, 2013
What does God desire when we worship Him?  I have always readily spoken of our acknowledgement of who He is – that we would declare His praises because He is worthy of it, because He is holy, righteous, faithful, good, just, merciful, mighty, wise, all-knowing, sovereign.  He

The Art of Songwriting

By Andrea Bressler With on October 28, 2013
One of the greatest aspects about being a musician and worship leader is creativity.  The appreciation of beauty in the world around us can be a powerful tool of inspiration in our leadership, ministry, and music-making.  One way I love to express creativity is through songwriting.

Excellence vs. Perfection

By Andrea Bressler With on October 14, 2013
This quarter, one of the classes I am taking is the Worship Leadership Practicum.  It is a very practical, helpful class directed at preparing us for the challenges of being in worship and music ministry.  The book we are studying for the class is The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland,

Worship Top 10

By Todd Hoover With on July 1, 2013
In an article for Worship Leader Magazine, Lee Martin McDonald -- a former New Testament professor at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada -- offered his conclusions about 10 worship guidelines from the early churches: 1. Worship was sacrifice. 2. Worship was spiritual.

Youth in Worship, Truth in Worship

By jenniferthigpen With on June 11, 2013
When choosing worship for youth ministries, most days a standard hymn tune just won’t cut it. In a world where the music industry has found a special niche for worship music, teens and young adults have taken up a concert mentality when it comes to worship, complete with guitar solos and

Tuning Out the Din

By Todd Hoover With on May 24, 2013
(This is a modified version of an article published in the Feb. 11, 2011 edition of The SEMI, a student publication sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary’s Office of Student Affairs.  Learn more about The SEMI at
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