In Toward God, Out Into the World
By Kathryn Cheng With on January 13, 2014

My deepest moments of joy happen in the presence of God, worshiping Him as I enjoy His nearness.  I’m not an emotional person by any means – as an INTP I am very much an analytical thinker – yet tears always flow when I’m genuinely engaged in worship.  They come frequently and not for any particular occasion – not because I am in distress or sorrow.  They are simply tears of amazement at the grandeur of God and at His character, tears of thanksgiving and praise for His goodness and faithfulness.  Perhaps you might call them tears-of-worship that reflect intimate worship of my God.  I’ve often thought, “This is it.”  This is what we’re made for.  (Think Chris Tomlin.. “You and I were made to worship…”)

I do think that is true - we are indeed made to enjoy intimacy with our Creator and give Him all of our worship, our whole being.  Ultimately we get to experience that in eternity.  And yet, right now, we are still here in this broken and needy world.  Is intimacy with God all we are called to?  I wish it was – it would be very comfortable to think so and stay in my “worship bubble,” glorifying God by “enjoying Him,” as John Piper would say.

Yet inward intimacy with God should propel us outward to the world.  In the words of Mark Labberton, worship “draws us into the heart of God and sends us out to embody it.” 

In toward God, out into the world. 

How I wish I could stay under the blankets of my sanctuary-worship!  But “with what shall I come to the LORD and bow myself before the God on high?  Shall I come to Him with burnt offerings?...What does the LORD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  (Micah 6:6,8)   

Intimacy with God drives us to ministry to the world – to the poor, broken, hurting, oppressed, forgotten.  In the actions of justice, kindness, and humility we are saying, “praise God, thank You God, You are worthy.”  My heart desires to give Him such worship, but it is my prayer that He would enable me – all of us – to live and walk in it.

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