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By Ed Willmington on November 27, 2013 Holy Week worship resources? When is Holy Week 2014?

Please post a resource you've discovered for Holy Week

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  1. Holy Week in 2014 is April 13-19.
    Here is a page with ideas for Holy Week:

  2. here’s a resource for holy week:

    Holy Week is April 13-19.

  3. Here is a playlist for Holy Week by Dale Warland Singer’s, (a great a cappella choir.)

  4. Here is a resource for Holy Week(April 13-19,2014):

  5. Holy Week is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. (April 13-19, 2014)

    Here’s a resource:

  6. One of the most powerful Holy Week services I have ever participated in was one in which the church observed the stations of the cross.  This was done through singing, chanting, and praying.  Here is a resource for the stations of the cross.

    by Jarrett Davis on Dec 1st, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    This blog gives several great ideas for a tenebrae service. The video at the bottom of the page is worth watching! The Skit Guys are pretty talented. I also really appreciate the use of the cross as a prop to be interacted with in a dramatic presentation of the reading of scripture.

  8. This includes resources for the visual arts as well as worship.

    by Nathan Ely on Dec 3rd, 2013 at 7:14 pm
  9. This is a UMC Lent and Easter resource list, including devotionals, meditations, worship resources and study guides for this season.

  10. Holy week is April 13th-April 19th. Here is a resource for Lent, Holy Week and Easter:

  11. Jon Gathje's avatar

    How do we determine the date of Holy Week???

    by Jon Gathje on Dec 9th, 2013 at 3:22 pm
  12. Easter is the Sunday following the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon after 20 March.

    by Rod at DramatisDei on Mar 24th, 2014 at 5:16 am
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  15. I think Holy week is April 13th-April 19th. Here is a resource for Lent, Holy Week and East..
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  16. Holy Week in 2014 is April 13-19.
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By Ed Willmington on November 27, 2013 Lenten Resources?

What is a resource you've discovered for the Lenten season?

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By Kathryn on November 22, 2013 What is a resource for Lent?

11 Responses to "What is a resource for Lent?"

  1. Here is a website for calls to worship, prayers, and confessions for Lent:

  2. Here is a link for play lists of Lent Hymns:

  3. Here is a website for songs for Lent:

  4. I found this revised common lectionary web site, which contains Art, Prayer, and miscellaneous resources,  is very useful for Lent and the other in a church year.

  5. Here is a site that includes hymns and choral arrangements.;=/search-results.html

    by Nathan Ely on Nov 26th, 2013 at 1:22 pm
  6. Here is a resource for church dramas.  This particular one is a drama focused on Lent and fasting.

    by jarrettdavis on Nov 26th, 2013 at 4:21 pm
  7. Although this is not a resource of performing arts, it is a wonderful resource for ideas and supplies for visual worship arts - here is a link to the “Easter” section (primarily Lenten themes) from Church Stage Design Ideas:

  8. Here is a blog that contains a “Modern Lenten Hymnal”

    Here’s an interesting .pdf that I came across for Lent:

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By Ed Willmington on November 16, 2013 What is a resource for Advent worship you can identify and recommendation?

There are many resources available for worship use during the Advent season. Please list a resource that you have discovered in your search. Make sure we can see the resource clearly by way of lyrics, link, etc.

15 Responses to "What is a resource for Advent worship you can identify and recommendation?"

  1. Here is a link for Advent Hymns;

  2. This would be a great resource to find older Advent texts…and write modern tunes.

    by Ed Willmington on Nov 16th, 2013 at 7:10 pm
  3. I found two different websites that offer resources for Advent:
    English (Contemporary and Hymns)


    (similar to Lydia’s earlier post, but a Spanish/Catholic version)

    To access the song lyrics/sheet music/MIDI file:
    1. Click on the name of a song
    2. Click on “Partitura” (Sheet Music) to view the sheet music (it is on the top left hand corner, next to the name of the song).
    3. Click on “Sonido Midi,” (MIDI Sound) then click on the song name (note that when you click on it, the MIDI file will automatically download on your computer).
        - To return to the main Advent page, then click “Ver Letra y Acordes,” (which translates to “See Lyrics and Charts), then click on “Ver mas Cantos de Adviento,” (See more Advent Songs) which will be located on the top left hand side.

  4. I found a website that offers resources, links to the music files on iTunes, and blog posts that discuss the advent songs and lyrics:

  5. Jon Gathje's avatar

    Not to press the issue too much… 

    But I wonder if anyone could point to a ‘traditional’ resource for finding Advent hymns—the ‘resources’ and ‘worship songs’ that have been sung and used for up to 1000 years.

    What are the resources to lead me to those pieces if they’re not in my worship vernacular??

  6. Here is a more traditional resource. There is an entire category of Advent choir music that you can use.

  7. Thanks, Nathan…I especially am excited about Christmas Pudding for an Advent service…I think it would be outreach oriented!

    by Ed Willmington on Nov 19th, 2013 at 11:09 am
  8. Here’s a site you can search by topic, including advent.

  9. Here is a treasure-trove of advent hymns, found on

  10. List of online resources for the season of advent

    Sermons, lessons, devotions, powerpoint, images


    This website contains the list of Advent carols including lyrics, midi sources and pdf files.

    This website contains various Advent resources relating to the tradition of the Reformed Church in America.

  12. Here are two resources I found helpful concerning Advent.

    The first is a general advent resource for planning advent services, provided by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

    The second is a simply advent devotional that goes through the four weeks.  As we’ve discussed before, we as worship leaders must be authentic in our relationship with the Lord in order to lead most fully.  I believe celebrating Advent in our own homes and daily lives will greatly affect the services we lead.

    by jarrettdavis on Nov 20th, 2013 at 11:36 am
  13. I found this link useful for advent. The material can be helpful for mediation and prayer. I like the break down and how it is arranged in a weekly‎

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By B. J. Barlow on November 14, 2013 Where do you go to get ideas for Advent?

One of the most surprisingly beautiful carols comes from a small Scottish island which is home to a community of worshipers, ministers, and song leaders. The Iona Community and Wild Goose Publications produces music for worship that is accessible, real, and true to the stories of scripture. "The Aye Carol" (found in the songbook "Innkeepers and Light Sleepers") is a great example of how well the Iona Community captures the simplicity of the story of the birth of Jesus, while at the same time articulating the significance of God coming to earth in the form of a baby. This link leads to a wealth of resources for Advent, Christmas, and all worship occasions - including prayers, liturgies, dramatic readings, and more! - Where do you go to get ideas for Advent?

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By Kathryn on November 13, 2013 What are some resources for Advent?

2 Responses to "What are some resources for Advent?"

  1. I can truly relate to point 3. I thrive on “Creativity “!
    Creativity to me is something that feels inherent, or so I always thought it to be. It also does take repetitive practice. I find I work in my best creative capacity when I am alone &/ or under pressure . In retrospect, when I thought I was alone, were the times The Holy Spirit was quietly present beside me. What I thought was the ability to draw from within my own resources for creativity, was really me reaching inside for His knowledge and guidance . Those “drawing from within” times were usually my best (His Best) creative substance & moments.

    Thank you, with kindest regards,

    by John Tienken on Nov 14th, 2013 at 12:00 am
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By Ed Willmington on November 09, 2013 How does creativity happen for you?

If God is the ultimate Creator, then why does it seem that when it comes to creativity we don't seem to spend much time actually doing it? Shouldn't it be a high priority activity...especially for artists? BJ Barlow commented about his creative processing...add your comment about how creative activity happens for you??? BJ writes..."Have you ever noticed how when you take your time to work on something is like the creativity happens to you instead of coming from you? If you are working on a project over a couple weeks/months it is as if your eyes and ears are open to ideas that the world gives you walk down the road, go to the grocery store, or have conversations with other people. It is like our most creative ideas aren't ours at all...but gifts that we stumble upon."

12 Responses to "How does creativity happen for you?"

  1. I know exactly what BJ means. And it reminds me Michelangelo’s process; he felt that his job was not of the making of an image but releasing of an image already there in the marble.  Since every Art format is connected, I always adapting this idea to music. I am writing down music notations or I am performing the sounds which God let me hear…

    by Lydia Lee on Nov 9th, 2013 at 4:38 pm
  2. That’s very true. I didn’t do many projects on music, but I wonder it is appropriate to draw an analogy between musical composing and Biblical reading: every time I read a same verse, and I might have very different meaning popping out in light of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The meaning is not something that I can “create,” rather, it comes from above, out of myself. In the same way, good music could be coming from above than the brain of the very musician who is scratching on the forehead.

  3. Jon Gathje's avatar

    Now, the next question… 

    How can we as musicians/creators avoid using language that sounds particularly Platonic when we talk about our creative imagination simply ‘happening to us?’ 
    Ed’s class, I hope, is giving you language to name some of these things!

    by Jon Gathje on Nov 11th, 2013 at 5:29 pm
  4. I know what BJ is talking about.  There are times when I try to write a song, and it comes very easily; other times, everything sounds so un-creative!  While I’ve only written a handful of songs, I found that when I write from a place of deep prayer and seeking the inspiration of God, those are the times that creativity comes easily.  It is truly a work of the Holy Spirit that collaborates with how God has already created me.  Rather than coming from ourselves, creativity arises from the breath of God, the ruach that blows creative life into our work.

  5. In my opinion, as BJ mentions, “... It is like our most creative ideas aren’t ours at all…but gifts that we stumble upon,” creativity comes out of what exists already, merely manifested in a totally new concept or idea generated by a person’s thought or mind process. 

    Perhaps creativity is fulfilled in three stages of practice:

    1.  Creativity is initiated through discernment of the form inherent in things. Painters, for example, observe the materials in the world around them and see in them the materials for essential and profound expression.  Musicians depend on clear observation of other musicians’ performances and then apply their own ability to discern the musical sensibility and value of that music.

    2.  Creativity is then developed by adaptation; In the same way that we digest food, once we take in the forms that already exist, we must process and encode them to make them our own sources of art.

    3.  Creativity is fulfilled by our ability of expression; this ability depends upon practice.

    How quickly this process proceeds depends on the observer’s talent.  However, creativity can be given to us through our senses of seeing, hearing, touching, feeling and remembering. Often, we say that any creative person is an artistic person. The definition of art, according to the Kumsung dictionary, is ‘A superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation’; the creative person pursues the development of superior skills that he or she can learn by observation, study and practice.

  6. “Why don’t we spend much time actually [creating]?” Because its hard work!  Yes…work!  I’ve heard song writers say it take one hundred horrible songs to finally write a good one.  In that sense I think BJ is correct in that sometimes creative moments do seem like they happen to us. 

    I like taking BJ’s view and seeing in within the lens of community.  I find it incredibly inspiring to be a co-creator.  Obviously we are co-creators with God, the Creator, but I find it energizing to create with my fellow artists.  Something about joining our hearts and minds, opening up to creativity, is very inspiring!  Maybe if we saw creativity less as an individualistic task and more as a communal opportunity, we would find more time for such tasks, as well as more joy in the midst of creating.

  7. I find that my creativity flows from inspiration. Whether it’s spending time in the great outdoors or reading a good book, creativity comes from what I experience. I think this desire to create is inherent in our nature. We are created in the image of a God who loves to create. On a deeper level, when I create something new, I feel closer to God. The creative process is a means by which I can express and articulate how I feel. Even though at times it is hard work, it is a freeing process and highly rewarding.

  8. For me, creative ideas come at random moments throughout the day. I see it as the subconscious mind constantly working on a certain melody or chord progression while I go about the day doing other things, and then while taking in the different sights, sounds, conversations, movements, I allow myself the space and moment for my mind to wander and explore. All this to say, creativity is something that God gives to us, even the melodies and creative harmonies, which we can graciously take from, and we should keep challenging ourselves to find different ways to express ourselves. By allowing God the space to move and work in my thoughts and ideas, and letting go of the pride that it is not my creation but is from God, perhaps it is then that I am able to be free and vulnerable in a creative way.

  9. The creative process, to me is the outflow of an organic, dynamic relationship between the individual and the world around. Following Jean-Louis Chrétien, creation is the act of imaginative response to the lifeworld: that which makes up the world around. It is the call of the lifeworld that elicits a response from the individual. This act of response is in its very nature creative, which then in turn evokes further response from others.

    The question then must be asked: what world are we seeing? What is calling us to a response?

  10. It really is interesting to me that we do not take enough time to actually go through the creative process. The artist is a servant of his or her work. Unfortunately in today’s society we are all about the hustle and bustle. All of our attention is centered around a particular schedule, a particular meeting or deadline. Yet, when we are involved in the creative process, our senses, at least in my case, become highly attune to everything around me. I am able to listen more, to not just hear what is around me, but actually listen to everything that surrounds me and receive as BJ so beautifully stated the ‘‘gifts that we stumble upon.’’ I might even add that these gifts come to us because we are in fact creating something, and that in that precise moment we are in tune with our creator in kairos, in his time, not ours.

  11. Hi, BJ!

    Good to hear from you. Look at the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. His Flow theory got me through my Ph.D. and provided the creativity I needed to make a difference with my work. When you are in flow, everything comes together and later you do not even recognize the result as the work of your conscious being, but rather as from an exterior source, until you examine it closely and then you wonder interior/exterior?

    by Nancy Holley on Nov 13th, 2013 at 5:20 pm
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By Jon Gathje on October 17, 2013 How can this be useful?

I'm wondering what the best practices are to make this site helpful... Help!!

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  1. Please get a domain name that goes straight to the page…thanks!

    by Ed Willmington on Oct 17th, 2013 at 12:45 pm
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