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Fuller has a range of courses in which you can study cultural musics and the art of intercultural communication:

Certificate in Global Christian Worship:

The Certificate in Global Christian Worship provides individuals working in mission and ministry with missiological training to make Jesus Christ known among the nations in a people’s music system.  It may serve as post-degree training to supplement and enhance the student’s training for mission and ministry.

It is six courses (24 units) certificate program designed to equip and empower missionaries and ministers to effectively employ cultural music in making Jesus Christ known and worshipped. A variety of courses are offered both online and at Fuller’s Pasadena campus. This degree encourages students and mission/ministry professionals to use research tools to enhance their area of service. During this course you will gain a professional certification of training geared towards cross-cultural ministry and/or consultancy.

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The units above may be applied within a masters degree program (either Masters of Arts or Masters of Divinity), and select courses may satisfy requirements in the Worship, Theology and the Arts emphasis for a degree program. Here are some options:

Masters of Arts (Intercultural Studies)

Students can also utilize their time in the certificate program to explore the possibility of a School of Intercultural Studies masters degree, a two year program. Within this degree there are possibilities for a combination of emphases including ethnomusicology, anthropology, development studies and children at risk. For more information on these degrees, please see below links:

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Masters of Arts (Theology and the Arts)

The MA in Theology degree is a two-year graduate theological program covering a wide range of general and specialized subjects in Theology and the Arts. Perhaps you have an academic interest in culture, art, and theology – or you may be a practicing artist who wants a theological and biblical foundation for your work. This emphasis can be combined with Global Christian Worship units equipping you for ministry and mission.

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Masters of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree is a comprehensive graduate theological program covering a wide range of general and specialized subjects including biblical languages, designed to prepare students for full-time service in the church of Jesus Christ. It is comprised of 48 units and is usually completed as a four-year degree. This degree is particularly useful for those seeking pastoral ministry positions, and allows space for deeper theological study. For more information see the link below:

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Doctorate of Missiology (DMiss)

The DMiss is designed to come alongside leaders and scholar/practitioners, enabling them to remain engaged in their ministry or organization, and providing them with doctoral level education relevant and transformational for their missional context. It is offered in an intimate cohort format with online modules, and once-a-year intensives. The course runs over four years. It is an excellent way to gain skills in Global Christian Worship while remaining in your church, mission organization or touring in a music group.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies (PhD ICS) degree is a four year course, offered through Fuller's Center for Missiological Research (CMR). It is designed to provide exceptional candidates the opportunity to design, develop and complete a customized research plan for the purpose of:

  •     developing new theory that extends the domain of missiology;
  •     making a practical contribution to the mission of the church;
  •     mastering one or more principal disciplines that contribute to missiology;
  •     learning how to do effective academic research;
  •     advancing personal ability to think missiologically in a global context.

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