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Preaching & Politics: A Webinar with Fuller Faculty

Preaching & Politics: A Webinar with Fuller Faculty

Drs. Joy Moore, Ken Fong, and Tommy Givens consider the question, "What is the role of preachers and the pulpit in guiding conversations regarding politics?"

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Micah Groups

Micah Groups—Many Voices

Micah Groups members share the value and transformative power of this ministry

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Ogilvie Sermon Archives

The Ogilvie Institute is honored to host the online collection of Dr. Ogilvie’s library and archived sermons.

Ogilvie Sermon Archives


Will Exxon face accountability for hiding the truth about climate change? fb.me/6NfOnpnaH

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Join us for "The Culture of Preaching" at 3PM Fuller Theological Seminary with Mike, Joy, Doug, and Ahmi: Geneva... fb.me/5r57bnVFE

9 months ago    

3PM Today! Don't miss "The Culture of Preaching"- a convo with the Fuller Theological Seminary Preaching faculty fb.me/4h0YquCYi

9 months ago    

Trying to figure out how to get more involved in God's work in the world? fb.me/7YqM5EdCo

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