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Micah Groups

Grow in wisdom and courage with a diverse group of ministry leaders

Sacramento 2014

Atlanta 2012

Seattle 2011

Orlando 2015j

New Jersey 2015j

Sea-Tac 2014

Join a movement of empowered, wise preachers who live and lead at the convergence of worship, preaching, and justice.
In our fragmented, ethnically divided, polarized church in America, how do we discern together what is the will of God for the pressing justice issues facing us as a church, a nation, and a world? In Micah Groups, you have the opportunity to: 


  • Listen and learn from ministry leaders with backgrounds different than your own;
  • Gain insight for bringing the pressing needs of our society into the worship and preaching life of your congregation; and
  • Develop networks to collaborate with other church leaders and congregations for responding to needs in your community.



To learn more, visit our FAQ page or browse a curriculum sample in our eReader.


Interested in joining?  Email information@ogilvieinstitute.org to find out about Micah Groups in your area. 


135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182