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Micah Group Testimonials

Thus far the Micah Group has helped me re-discover that being faithful as a pastor isn’t as much about working on preaching as it is about cultivating the spiritual life of the preacher. —Rev. Bart Garrett, Church Church, Oakland CA

The demands of ministry are constant, and time for meaningful conversation with colleagues always takes a back seat to the daily details of parish ministry. Our Micah Group is a ministry oasis for me! Our time together feeds my soul, and our shared passion for justice energizes me to be the shepherd God has called me to be.   —Rev. Renee Gaston Hoke, Trinity Brazos Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Fort Worth TX

I have stacks of books on sermon preparation, and there’s no shortage of conferences or web resources that give me tips about how to connect with this generation, but so much of the material out there is technique-driven. I love the focus that Micah Groups place on wisdom. It’s about being before doing. And I love the diverse, non-competitive, relational context that my Micah Group provides for becoming a person of wisdom. I only wish we could meet more often! —Rev. Brad Wong, The River Church Community, San Jose CA

Being with other like-minded pastors, as a chaplain in outreach, has been a wonderful connection to a community which was previously difficult to maintain because of varied schedules and general disinterest of many local churches in regard to caring for our Colorado prison population. The relationships are heartfelt, developing, and compassionate. —Linda Vecchiarelli, Living Tower Church Prison Ministry, Denver CO

My Micah Group has been a source of renewal of passion and vision. To be prayed over, to be challenged, to be called toward authenticity, and to be inspired are just some of the fruit that God is bringing forth in me, and this is only after 2 meetings! —Rev. Paul Schultz, Rockland Community Church, Denver CO

Despite the diversity of opinions in the Presbyterian Church (USA), I find us a little narrow in our thinking many times. My interdenominational and multicultural Micah Group helps me with other perspectives. The message of justice crosses boundaries and causes us to act with more compassion for our neighbors. —Rev. Lynn Hargrove, St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Houston TX

Not only is the content intriguing, but the discussions are dynamic and challenging, leaving me with much more to chew on than I arrived with. My experience is all the more richer with each meeting, receiving an impartation of perspective, experience, and depth that I would not have otherwise. —Lawrence Huey, Epicentre Church, Pasadena CA

I'm continually challenged and blessed by the work and the times together. I use the material when possible with the teams that I serve in Agape France, so it is making a difference in many lives in France.  When I started with the Micah Group, I didn't expect that it would be this good! —Joe Schlie, Ministère Universitaire Agape France, Paris

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