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About Our Leadership

Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie

Lloyd John Ogilvie

Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie was honored when Fuller Theological Seminary established the Institute for Preaching that bears his name.  He has the distinguished history of over 45 years in the pastorate, while also leading a national radio and television ministry, Let God Love You, for over a decade. After 28 years as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, followed by 8 years as the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate (1995-2003), Dr. Ogilvie has unique pastoral experience. He is consistently called upon as a speaker, writer, and resource consultant.  

Watch Video: Dr. Ogilvie on the Vision of the Institute

Dr. Ogilvie's bibliography, video, and audio library



Dr. Tim Dearborn

Mark Labberton

Tim Dearborn,
Ogilvie Institute Director

Tim comes to this role after a decade serving as director and then partnership leader (vice president) for Christian commitments at World Vision International, responsible, among other things, for the spiritual formation of WVI's 45,000 staff around the world, and for the development of partnerships with churches.  Before that, Tim was dean of the chapel at Seattle Pacific University.  He also was the founding director of the Seattle Association for Theological Education, where he was a faculty member in Practical Theology for Fuller, as well as for Regent College, Vancouver. He also has been a professor of practical theology and mission at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and the Faculté de Theologie Evangelique near Paris, France.  He also was the associate pastor for urban and global mission at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington, and is ordained in the PC(USA). Tim has written a number of books and articles on the themes of joyful and faithful life and action in service of the poor.  Read more about Dr. Dearborn's books—including his latest, Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, A Heart for Mission.




Jennifer Ackerman

Jennifer Ackerman,
Micah Groups Coordinator

Jennifer is a Fuller MDiv graduate and has been involved in the Micah Groups movement from the very beginning under the leadership of Dr. Mark Labberton. Most recently, Jennifer worked as President Labberton's assistant. She now oversees the recruitment and training of Micah Group Facilitators, manages the Micah Groups eReader, and serves as the coordinator of the Micah Groups program. 

You can email her at jenniferackerman@fuller.edu.






Darryl Ford

Darryl Ford
Micah Groups Mobilizer

Darryl Ford is a church planter and pastor who is deeply committed to empowering preachers and leaders for ministry—particularly in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic settings.  He is originally from Detroit, and since joining the leadership of the Ogilvie Institute in December 2013 as a Micah Groups Mobilizer, Darryl has focused on helping to form and support new Micah Groups in the Eastern half of the US.  Darryl, his wife, and their three children currently live in the Atlanta area.  Darryl can be contacted by email at dhford333@gmail.com.






Mark Finney

Mark Finney,
Ogilvie Institute Program Manager

Mark Finney brings several years of experience as a pastor and teacher to his role as Program Manager, and he has a deep passion for equipping preachers. He earned his MDiv from Fuller Seminary in 2008, and as the recipient of the Parish Pulpit Fellowship, he spent a year preaching and training Christian leaders in Thailand. He is married with three children and is nearing completion of a Ph.D in Homiletics. Mark oversees the administrative management of the Ogilvie Institute, so all questions or concerns about web access, conference registration, Ogilvie Institute general information, or other topics may be directed to him at information@ogilvieinstitute.org.

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