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Lloyd John Ogilvie

Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie

"I saw my role as Chaplain to be an intercessor for the members of the Senate family,
a trusted prayer partner, and a faithful counselor to them as they sought to know and do God's will in the monumental responsibilities entrusted to them." -Dr. Ogilvie


Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie is the founder of the institute bearing his name as well as the president of Leadership Unlimited. He has the distinguished history of over 45 years in the pastorate, while also leading both a television and a radio ministry for over a decade. As Chaplain of the U.S. Senate (1995-2003), Dr. Ogilvie held the unique role of pastoring our nation's leaders. He is consistently called upon as a speaker, writer, and resource consultant. His many accolades include being selected by Baylor University as one of “Twelve Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World.” Dr. Ogilvie has authorized fifty-two books and was the General Editor of the thirty-three volume Communicators Commentary of the Bible.  


All throughout his last five decades of his ministry, Lloyd Ogilvie's consistent focus has always been on the care, encouragement and support of business, political and community leaders.  From his beginnings in Winnetka to his pastorate in the steel industry town of Bethlehem to his two decades at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Dr. Ogilvie has been a profound leader of leaders.  
In addition to this, Dr. Ogilvie was a profound media communicator, author and frequent speaker throughout the nation. His messages, books and leadership speeches arise out of this careful listening to people's hopes and hurts.  In his role as Chaplain of the Senate, Dr. Ogilvie continued to listen to the needs of those in our Nation's Capitol. He understands that the role of a leader is often a lonely one, while also carrying the privilege of praying with and for leaders as they seek to be faithful to God in their decisions and leadership.




A Chronological List of Books Authored by Dr. Ogilvie

1. A Life Full of Surprises - 1968 Abingdon Press
2. Let God Love You (Philippians) - 1974 Word Books
3. If I Should Wake Before I Die - 1974 Regal Books
4. Lord of the Ups and Downs - 1974 Regal Books
5. Life Without Limits (Mark) - 1975 Word Books
6. You've Got Charisma - 1975 Abingdon Press
7. Drumbeat of Love (Acts) - 1976 Word Books
8. The Cup of Wonder (Communion Messages) - 1976 Tyndale Books
9. You Are Loved and Forgiven (Colossians) - 1977 Regal Books
10. When God First Thought of You - 1978 Word Books
11. The Autobiography of God (On the Parables) - 1979 Regal Books
12. The Beauty of Caring - 1980 Harvest Books
13. The Beauty of Friendship - 1980 Harvest Books
14. The Beauty of Love - 1980 Harvest Books
15. The Beauty of Sharing - 1980 Harvest Books
16. The Bush is Still Burning (The "I Am" Sayings of Jesus)-1980 Word Books
17. Congratulations-God Believes in You (Beatitudes) - 1980 Word Books
18. Magnificent Vision (formerly "Radiance of the Inner Splendor")-1980 Vine Books
19. You Can Live As It Was Meant To Be (I & II Thes.) - 1980 Regal Books
20. Ask Him Anything (Answers to Life's Deepest Questions)-1980 Word Books
21. God's Best for My Life (Daily Devotional) - 1981 Harvest Books
22. Discovering God's Will in Your Life - 1982 Harvest House
23. You Can Pray With Power - 1983 Regal Books
24. Longing To Be Free - 1984 Harvest Books
25. Lord of the Impossible (Prophets) - 1984 Abingdon Press
26. Falling Into Greatness (Psalms) - 1984 Thomas Nelson
27. Making Stress Work For You - 1984 Word Books
28. If God Cares, Why Do I Still Have Problems? - 1985 Word Books
29. Jesus The Healer (The Healing Ministry) - 1985 Revell Co.
30. Understanding the Hard Sayings of Jesus - 1988 Word Books
31. Living Without Fear (12 Steps) - 1987 Word Books
32. A Future and a Hope - 1988 Word Books
33. God's Transforming Love (Daily Devotional) - 1988 Regal Books
34. Your Will, God's Will - 1988 Harvest House
35. Enjoying God (Ephesians) - 1989 Word Books
36. Silent Strength (Daily Devotional) - 1990 Harvest House
37. Lord of the Loose Ends ("He is Able" claims of the Epistles) - 1991 Word Books
38. Conversation With God (Prayer) - 1992 Harvest House
39. Climbing the Rainbow (Claiming the Covenant Promise)-1993 Word Books
40. Turn Your Struggles Into Stepping Stones (Daily Devotional)-1993 Word Books
41. The Greatest Counselor in the World (Holy Spirit) - 1994 Servant Publ.
42. The Heart of God - 1994 Regal Books
43. Asking God Your Hardest Questions Harold Shaw
     (formerly Ask Him Anything) - 1996
44. One Quiet Moment - 1997 Harvest House
45. Acts of the Holy Spirit - 1999 Shaw Publishers
46. Facing the Future Without Fear - 1999 Servant Publ.
47. Quiet Moments With God - 2000 Harvest House
48. Perfect Peace - 2001 Harvest House
49. Intimate Prayer (formerly Conversation with God) - 2002 Harvest House
50. When You Need A Miracle - 2004 Harvest House
51. Praying Through The Tough Times - 2005 Harvest House
52. The Red Ember In The White Ash - 2006 Harvest House
General Editor of: Thirty-three volume Communicators Word Books
    Commentary Series of the Bible
Author of: Communicators Commentary:
    Books of Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Word Books
    Jonah/Vol. 20 (Old Testament/21 volumes)
    Book of Acts/Vol. 5 Word Books

A Partial List of Dr. Ogilvie's Awards

Distinguished Service Citation, Lake Forest College
Preacher of the Year, Religion in Media
Angel Award, Religion in Media
1982, 1986 - Silver Angel Award (to Television Ministry)
Gold Medallion Book Award, 1985, "Making Stress Work For You"
Salvation Army's William Booth Award - 1992
One of 12 individuals named in Baylor University's worldwide survey,
 "Twelve Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World" - 1996



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