113 RS Podcast - Podcast Impossible - Ghost Protocol
With Elijah Davidson and Kevin Nye on December 31, 2015

Back in 1996, when Tom Cruise descended from the ceiling stopping mere centimeters from the ground, no one could have guessed that one of cinema's most ideosyncratic and fun movie series was being born. Almost twenty years later, the Mission: Impossible franchise continues to put out exciting, creative films that regularly appear on critics' and audiences' lists of their favorite films of the year.

In this Reel Spirituality Podcast sereis, we're looking at each Mission: Impossible film one-by-one, considering each film's particular merits and discredits, and looking for thematic throughlines that carry accross the narrative no matter which director is at the helm. We're watching them in order, so we're hanging out on the sides of buildings with Brad Bird in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol next.

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113 RS Podcast - Podcast Impossible - Ghost Protocol

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