Call for Submissions

Contribute to our 2016 article series.

Call for Submissions

Reel Spirituality is calling for submissions for a series of 12 articles to be published on our website monthly during the year 2016. Published articles will be made available on our website during the year and then removed from the website and collected into a digital publication. We will make this publication available at no charge thereafter.

This year’s series of articles will be in response to the following question:

How can our watching, writing, and talking about cinema contribute to God’s unfolding shalom in our communities and the world?


Selected submissions will exhibit a thorough understanding of the culture of cinema and a nuanced understanding of shalom. Selected submissions will also propose innovative and charitable answers to the prompt’s question with love of neighbor and care for cinematic artists as guiding concerns. Personal experience and reflection are applicable, but they should illustrate and support the ideas rather than the other way around.

Published articles will be between 1500 and 2500 words and written in an academic yet approachable tone. Style should be professional, not casual, but aimed at a general, college-educated audience.

Submission Process

Interested applicants should submit a 200 word proposal and a 150 word abstract of their submission via email to Please also include either a link to a representative writing sample in the email or attach a representative writing sample to your submission email.

Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the entire Reel Spirituality team. Articles will generally be accepted based on the creativity of the ideas presented, the quality of the writing, and overall fit within the series. We will strive for gender, ethnic, and theological diversity among the submissions we accept as long as submissions demonstrate a generous appreciation for the cinematic arts and artists. We will close submissions once we have accepted 12 articles for publication.

Editorial Process

We will schedule initial publication of each article when we accept it. If a writer has prior obligations that conflict with being scheduled to publish in a particular month, we will work with her or him to find a better date. Initial drafts of accepted submissions will be due two weeks prior to publication. Final drafts will be due the Friday prior to publication.


We will pay each selected writer $100 for her or his article at the time of publication.

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