Blood Brother
By David Schaal With on February 07, 2013

Blood Brother, by American Documentarian Steve Hoover It is a story of a young man, who is trying to figure out his purpose in life, and we see before our eyes, that he indeed finds it. Young Rocky is a child from a broken home. His grandparents raise him after being abused by the boyfriends of his drug-addicted mother. He later lives with his birth father, but a healthy relationship never happens. As a young adult, Rocky travels to India simply to explore the world. While there he is introduced to an orphanage that is the home to children with HIV and AIDS. He never really thought that he liked children, but something started to work on his heart. He left the home to go and see other parts of India, and found himself wanting to return to the orphanage. It was during this return visit that he fell in love with the children. He goes back to America only to feel the conviction that he must return to the orphanage. He does so with the accompaniment of his friend Steve Hoover. The film is a documentary of Rocky’s life at the orphanage. He becomes the father figure to all of these children. The film chronicles the highs and lows of living in this community. Also it shows his love and service to the neighboring village, one in which do not like him, for they blame him for the death of a young girl because he tries to get her to a hospital instead of waiting upon the spirits to heal her. She dies. In this film, I saw that this young man, who grew up without love, made it his mission that no child should grow up without feeling love. Out of his hurt, he found his purpose. He loved these children the way he wanted to be loved as a child. We see his compassion lived out as he cares for a young boy that was pretty much left for dead. He lives because of the love that Rocky gave to him. You never hear the name Jesus or Christianity in the film (on purpose) but you see Christianity in action and Jesus in the flesh in the character of Rocky. Highly recommend tis film. We see in this film, that God never waste an experience. Out of the abusive upbringing that Rocky experienced as a young child, he takes those experiences and makes it his mandate to not allow another child to experience the same. At no time in this film did I see Rocky playing the role of a victim. So many times we can go through things and feel that society owes us a debt, but we do not see Rocky thinking this way. We live in a cruel, unforgiving, offensive world. Rocky shows us how to navigate a successful life in such a world. By keeping his eyes on God, and understanding the forgiveness that he received from Father God through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Not only did Rocky serve these children with unconditional love, but he also forgave all those who have offended him in the past. While you never hear it in the movie that Rocky is a follower of Jesus Christ, all through the movie you see it. I kept telling myself, “Either this guy is a Christ Follower, or God is using him to teach me what a true Christ Follower looks like!” I was happy to learn through talking with Rocky Braat, that he is indeed a follower of Jesus Christ. In conclusion, this film begs for a response. How will I respond to this message of being Jesus in the flesh to others? How will I serve my fellow man in the love of Jesus Christ? What am I willing to sacrifice in my life so others can have more? This is a thought provoking journey that I would recommend to any person who is looking at figuring out their purpose in life.

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