City of Ghosts
By Tabitha Wright With on February 08, 2017

City of Ghosts is haunting. A visceral documentary which deals with the subject of death and impending death in the most brutal and relentless fashion. What makes this film surprisingly soul stirring is not the depravity and strength of evil but the fortitude and bravery of the citizen journalists it depicts. This film documents Raqqa, Syria, where the hopes of an Arab Spring turned into a nightmare of an ISIS caliphate. We follow a group of men on their journey from joyful middle class college students, turned political activists, turned the city’s link to the outside world. After great loss to themselves, some of their friends and family members captured and killed, their own freedoms forsaken, these men keep up the work. Their work involves watching ISIS propaganda videos, even when the videos show their father being killed. They are compelled by a love for their city and fellow citizens to expose the truth. The truth of this genocide, the truth that Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS). These men are the lights that ISIS desperately wants to extinguish. ISIS chases the men and their families out of Syria, to Turkey and then further on to Germany. There is much in the film that shows the high cost of fighting true evil. Rebelling against the darkness is brutal and relentless and it cost these men their families,friends and homes. The last scene shows the main character smoking and shaking in a chair after visiting the police station in Germany and refusing German protection from ISIS death threats. The last scene is a shocking visual, comparing this film to a drama with trained actors portraying broken men is laughable and shows that one can not fake this state of being. The man in the last scene truly is a shell, a skeleton, a ghost.

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