Come Sunday
By Edward James Portillo With on February 11, 2018

This film initially peaked my interest when I first heard this story on a This American Life broadcast. I found out later that the broadcast was the catalysts in turning the story of Bishop Pearson into a feature film. Then when I made the connection that this film was directed by the same director of Maria Full of Grace which was such a beautiful and tragic film, the anticipation to watch this was palatable. Overall it was a fine film but it would have benefited from having a professing Christian or someone closely affiliated in the evangelical movement other than Bishop Pearson on the creative team to help communicate specific issues of church life from an insiders perspective. The subject was presented in a fair way but the whole "Bible belt" church culture was lost in translation. It is an entertaining film with great performances and it will no doubt spur conversations about faith. This is a perfect film to catch on Netflix.

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