Joven y alocada (Young & Wild)
By Daniel Martinez With on February 05, 2012

The Chilean film Young & Wild was the winner of the Screenwriting award in the World Cinema competition at Sundance Film Festival. This is a racy film, based on a true story, about an outspoken 17-year-old girl and her graphic sex-themed blog. This movie had quite a bit of “buzz” during Sundance and I found a few things interesting about it, including things that didn’t have much to do with the movie itself. In terms of the movie, the protagonist Daniela (Camila in real life) writes about her sexual desires and escapades, going into detail on how she’s conflicted between her love for a man and a woman. Yes, the issue here is “love” which is explicitly stated in the movie, but it was interesting how people only picked up on the sexual parts of her experience, which granted, are numerous. The film also reflects on her Christian evangelical influences manifested through her family that directly conflicts with her sex life, especially in her conflicting relationship with her domineering mother. Christianity is portrayed in this film as a type of evil in her life with few redeeming qualities. She has a difficult relationship with her mom and a great relationship with her aunt who has cancer, which adds to her inner conflict as she reflects on the injustices of life, which she considers to be most clearly demonstrated in her aunt’s death and her mother’s life. This story was graphic and some people have seen it as pornographic but the movie to me seemed honest and more importantly, unapologetic. The girl’s journey was obviously difficult but I found that there was a redeeming quality in her willingness to share this story with the rest of the world, and it was especially interest to meet the very girl that the movie was about and to get feedback from her (she felt the movie was faithful to her experience). For me, this movie was less gratuitous and more expressive, less sexual and more sentimental. There is something there beyond the body parts shown on screen. I'm sure, however, that others will disagree.

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