Little Hope Was Arson
By Maria Gong on February 08, 2014

This movie is good because it actually helped me in my life after I watched it. In the movie, the two teenagers wanted to revenge against Church because they think the church did not help them at all. But when they were kept in prison, they realized that “never fight with God”.

My thoughts about these teenagers are : they expect God to do what they want and what makes them feel good. If their life is not going as they expected, they hate God. Recently something happened in my life, and things didn’t work out as I hoped. So at one point, I did sin by complaining about God. I asked: Why don’t you let me get that? But when I remembered what the teenagers do in the movie, I realized that I am doing the same thing as they are---I am expecting God to serve me. If things did not work as I think, I’ll blame God.

After I realized this, I suddenly changed, I confessed my sin and seek for his will, not my own. This movie started with burning churches and the investigation of the policemen. As the investigation goes by, we can see that it was two young men who have hatred against God and the church did this.

One of the young men’s mothers is a drug addict; another young man’s mother was dead at a relatively young age. Both of their family members show lack of care for them. One of the young men’s elder sister did not give him a hand when she knew that he was doing wrong things, because she was afraid to lose her good job as a leader in the police. Another young man’s father even had negative influence on him about God who is to blame for his mother’s death. His father attempted to commit suicide after his wife died. He refused to listen to people talking about God. His son, who was around 10 years old at that time, had to save him from his hanging himself.

Through such disclose of their family relationship, we can see how big influence that the two young men had from their families. When something unexpected happened, the church should reach out to help their families but it seems their churches did not give them condolence in a timely manner.

This movie is rated 8.1 in IMDB, which means lots of people like this movie, because it has conveyed positive meaning and reflections to the audience. As one police speaker said: “ Church is not just an architect, we can build it up quickly, as long as our love for God is still there. Satan is going to be play around for a while, but in the end, God will win. ”

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