Mr. Pig
By Dei Thompson With on February 15, 2016

Mr. Pig, by the name of the movie, it may be hard to try and figure out what this movie could possibility deal with. One may guess that it has something to do with a pig and it does, but this movie was so much more than that. It was a movie about father and daughter’s relationship. What does it really look like when family may be disconnected from each other? What does it look like when father leaves a child without explanation? This movie paints a very real, awkward, heart felt and emotional movie about a love that is trying to get back to its conception. The love of father and daughter; the love of a parent and child. Eubanks (Danny Glover) the father and Eunice (Maya Rudolph) the daughter take a journey that helps them get back to love. Glover’s character tries to love in the best way he knows how, he decides that he is going to sale his prize winning pig. He has had this pig since his daughter was born because he use to raise hogs. This pig is his prize possession, but his companion and friend; he was willing to give that all up for another chance with his daughter. He thought money would mend the time that was lost; one may think that this is irrational thinking, but to a dying alcoholic, this seems to be his best effort. Eunice comes to her father’s rescue, in an attempt to save his life. Eubanks and Eunice travel all over Guadalajara looking for a place to sale the pig. The moments they spent in the car were the best moments that they have ever had. The director Diego Luna does a great job depicting a broken relationship between a father and child, but a very beautiful dynamic between a father and daughter. He says that this was a way for him to tell the story of him and his father. I could only think of my relationship with my father and the struggles that I have gone through with him. Although my relationship with him has not been estranged, but it has been a rocky road. There was one moment in the movie where Eubanks and Eunice are in the car, they have this dialogue that reminded me of a conversation that my father and I had. Eubanks says to Eunice, ‘why do you have to feel all time, why does everything have to have meaning?’ This was his response to his daughter asking him why he left. Later in the film, Eubanks discloses to her that he left in order for her to have a better life. Diego Luna paints a beautiful picture of a complicated yet very real experience. In this awkward yet beautiful realistic film that makes the viewer think about love and family.

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