By Andres Figueroa With on February 05, 2012

Predisposed is about a young man who has to get his drug-addicted mother high so she will be accepted into rehab. I thought this film was good over-all. The jokes would sometimes fall flat or perhaps a bit too silly. Tracy Morgan tries his best to bring in some laughs which are at times hit and miss. But, where the film does excel is in its ability to take on a serious subject such as drug-addiction and add humor to it without being disrespectful. The audience gets a good taste of the serious consequences of drug-addiction while being entertained instead of preached at. The performances by Jesse Eisenberg and Melissa Leo were superb as well as the direction. Overall it was an OK movie but it still has heart, which in my view goes a long way, besides the fact that the protagonist is a piano player as am I.

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