Room 237
By Wesley With on January 31, 2012

We saw this film at Midnight, and we waitlisted for it. I could have been happier with my decision to battle the night hours and long lines in order to see this documentary. Without a doubt, I can say that this way my favorite film in the week. Maybe it was my favorite because of the effort I put in to seeing it, but I believe it was the eccentric story and content of the film. Either way I more engaged and focused during this film than a child is when entering Disneyland. The film itself engaged my mind and left me asking questions for the rest of my short night, as well as all of today. I can’t stop talking about the film with my fellow peers and movie watchers. No film this week, or any quite awhile has captivated my mind and thoughts more than this film. It was exciting to be engaged in such a manner. The film was looking conspiracy theories in the movie “The Shining”. I went into this film thinking that that these conspiracy people were KooKoo and nuts, but as the film unwound I found myself started to believe and follow their logic. I’ve never had my mind challenged, shifted, and warped so much, and so quickly. I think that is a total testament to the filmmakers and their artistic flow. I can say without a doubt that this film has encouraged me to engage more heavily with films. It’s inspired to me to watch a movie multiple times, looking and engaging with the themes and editing more deeply and more passionately. I can say without a doubt I will no longer watch a film for just pure entertainment anymore. There is to much to be learned. Films are to rich with substance to just sit idly by and watch the colors and lights flash before your eyes. This experience for me has shifted the way I view film. I hope to perhaps even one day call myself a “film critic” because I realize the importance of analyzing a film. As you can see, my experience at Sundance is slowly and wonderfully shifted and shaping my mind and heart and attitude towards film and the way I view film.

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