The Skeleton Twins
By Kim Barker on February 06, 2014

The Skeleton Twins follows estranged fraternal twins Milo and Maggie in their attempt to repair their years-long broken relationship. After both contemplate suicide on the same day, with one of them attempting, they decide the best case scenario is for Milo to move from Los Angeles to Upstate New York to live with Maggie and her husband.

The twins spend an ample portion of the film reminiscing about what in their childhood led them down such destructive pathways to the point they found themselves. Milo attempts to rekindle an illicit relationship he participated in with a teacher from high school and Maggie's marriage is thrown into shambles from her own destructive behavior. While trying to help each other, the twins' lives continue to spiral out of control culminating in one literally saving the other from immanent death.

While the film is a weighty drama, it signals the reunion of former SNL cast members Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig. Comedic moments do occasionally filter into the story as their sibling-like chemistry allows each to capture honestly the brokenness and humor associated with being alive.

The film ends on a hopeful note as both twins are committed to staying in a relationship with the other. It questions what exactly the world could look like if we acted as if we were bound to each other, legitimately carrying one another through the dark times into light with unyielding love and graciousness. What does it mean to love your neighbor when you know that person is not perfect, that they might hurt you? This is not an easy task and the film makes no qualms about it.

Difficult family dynamics abound in the story; humans have the ability to hurt each other repeatedly, and family members especially know how to push one another's buttons until a breaking point is reached. Through these moments The Skeleton Twins pushes a message of forgiveness and hope and restored relationship. It's the kind of film that made me want to call my sister immediately after the screening and tell her thanks for all the years we've been through together.

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