The Ambassador
February 04, 2012
It's hard to say if I was thrilled or disturbed by Mads Brugger's documentary, The Ambassador. I can say that I loved it! Throughout the movie, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next: would he get caught? Would he expose the extreme corruption and save the day? Well, neither of those things happened. Somehow, he carried on his charade and apparently continues to do so. So much of this film was disturbing to me. Because it is so intriguing to wonder what's going to happen in this setup, the viewer could easily forget that this is a documentary. People really are pillaging an incredibly impoverished area that is rich in natural resources. The government wretchedly operates to inflate the individuals in power and ignores those who they should be serving. Brugger's statement as he begin his expedition that he can "operate beyond all moral boundaries" turned my stomach. Again, recognizing that people can and do function in this manner. In terms of documentary, one might congratulate Brugger that he does not seem to create an angle. Instead, he presents what is happening and the rest is up to us. This film coming on the heels of my class last quarter on Globalization, the Poor and Mission (MD500 - Myers) strikes a painful chord. What are we as Christians to do? What can we do? Praying and waiting for the Lord to make it right just seems so incredibly inadequate.
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