Virtually Heroes
By Drew Logan With on February 06, 2013

Virtually Heroes is a witty and entertaining comedy about two guys trapped in a video game. The film was directed by G.J. Echternkamp and Roger Corman was the executive producer. Roger gave G.J. old clips from some of his earlier Vietnam films and G.J. spliced them into his movie. It added a dramatic flair and pomp to his “shoot em up scenes”. Any true gamer would love G.J.’s attempt to meet the gaming world and the silver screen. It was very comical to hear old “video game music” and to see the player’s scores from levels on the screen. The themes of the game ranged from Call of Duty to Mortal Combat. G.J. wanted to make the viewer feel as if he or she was actually playing the game. G.J. had a great storyline two war heroes stuck inside the video game killing the same people over and over again wondering what the point of all of it was. But the problem was it just got too bizarre. It would flip flop between being too “retro” to too “modern”. There were times when I was laughing out loud and other times I was left scratching my head. Theologically speaking, the film spoke volumes about our culture. We see so many people wondering about what life is all about. They sense that there is more going on in life than what’s meets the eye. We also can see the characters in the film constantly losing their peace and happiness. As soon as one level would end, the main characters’ love interest was taken away and a new level would begin. I felt that it symbolized the journey in life and how without Jesus, you can never be truly satisfied. If you are attempting to watch this film, viewer discretion is certainly advised. There are countless F-bombs, violence, brief nudity, and several crass and sexual innuendos. This is definitely a C grade film and I don’t see it coming to any theaters near you. However, there is always Netflix. So keep an eye out for it.

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