Where Do We Go Now?
February 04, 2012
Where Do We Go Now? sweeps the viewer along in a mad story that leads to both delighted laughter and heartbroken tears. The film also serves to shine a light into a deeper understanding of the violence that grips the Middle East from the perspective of those most effected by it: the women. It is the story of an isolated village which houses both Muslims and Christians and the lengths the women go to in order to keep their men from tearing each other apart. Part drama -- part musical and with a large hit of comedy, the film has an almost magical quality to it as it weaves together the lives of those who might be enemies, but who instead, watch television, break bread and enjoy life together due to a herculean effort by their wives, daughters and sisters who are tired of losing the men in their lives through violence. Written and directed by Nadine Labaki, a Lebanese woman, the film is a much-needed window into another side of the Muslim/Christian conflict in the Middle East. The film offers few answers, but manages to deliver hope, heart and not a few laughs even in the midst of a world marked by hate, anger and senseless violence.
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