Learn More About the Work of Brehm Texas

Brehm Texas accomplishes its mission by way of three projects:

The first project is a series of biannual conferences focused on the varied relationship between the church and the arts. These conferences will take place in Houston, Texas, and will aim to appeal to a national and international audience.

The second project is series of publications likewise focused on the varied relationship between the church and the arts. The objective of this series, as a set of “primers,” is to nurture the church with resources from the arts that enable it to be theologically informed, biblically grounded, liturgically sensitive, communally vibrant and missionally shrewd, faithful to God and in service of the common good. The three target audiences for this book series are 1) church, ministry and lay leaders, 2) undergraduate and graduate students, and 3) artist practitioners and theorists.

The third project is the encouragement and development of relationships between Fuller Texas and the artistic community in Houston, mindful that many of these relationships are already ongoing. The hope is that Brehm Texas, joining in on these ongoing relationships, will be able to serve the community of artists in Houston in concrete, fruitful ways.

The hoped-for result of Brehm Texas-led projects is:

1. That churches will have been equipped to release their God-give artistic resources, each in their own context, in service of God’s kingdom and thus also the common good.

2. That church leaders will have been provided with accessible material to illumine and enrich their understanding of the arts--as such and as they relate to the calling and mission of the church.

3. That the personal and vocational formation of artists will have been deepened.

4. That institutional change across different sectors of the church’s life will have been engendered (at ecclesial, educational, denominational, professional, financial levels, etc).

The ultimate hope of Brehm Texas is to prod Christians to develop a vision capable of sustaining a long-lasting, fruit-bearing tradition of artmaking for the glory of God in the church and the world.

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