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Harvey Drake

Location: Seattle, Washington

Rev. Drake is pastor of Emerald City Bible Fellowship, a vibrant multi-racial church in Seattle, Washington, committed to making the gospel relevant to every facet of a person’s life.  He is also Founder and President of Urban Impact (formerly Emerald City Outreach Ministries), a thriving community-based organization that is proactively addressing the total needs of families in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. Ordained in 1979, Rev. Drake has worked extensively with youth serving as Area Director for both Youth For Christ (Oakland, CA) and Young Life (Seattle, WA).  Since 1987 Rev. Drake has been devoted to addressing urban and inner-city issues through Urban Impact.  Rev. Drake’s activities include participation on a number of national and local boards.  He is also involved in various community affairs, believing that effective development necessitates our presence and involvement.  He is a popular speaker at conferences, churches and community events and is a doctor of ministry candidate at Bakke Graduate University of the Ministry. Rev. Drake’s greatest honor comes from being married to Andrea, his wife since 1977.  Harvey and Andrea have two adult sons and three grandchildren.

Occupation: Lead Pastor, Emerald City Bible Fellowship and President, Urban Impact Seattle Birthday: 9/22
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Heidi Husted Armstrong

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Pastor Ogletree

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Jeff Smith

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Chuck Norton

Location: Pasadena, California

Website Twitter Facebook AIM: chuckie4norton

Born in California, Chuck has been on long journey from Texas to Germany, Maryland to Virginia, Tennessee to Ghana… before finding himself back in his home…. CA.

Occupation: Web Designer Birthday: 12/18
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Jenelle D'Alessandro

Location: Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Website AIM: freshgreenbeans

I’m a bi-vocational minister in love with Jesus’ message of the Kingdom.

Occupation: Communications Consultant / Urban Pastor Birthday: 11/16
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Felix Gilbert

Location: Denver

Occupation: Senior Pastor
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Mark Labberton

Location: Pasadena, CA

Rev. Dr. Mark Labberton is the founding Director of the Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, bringing experience from over 25 years in pastoral ministry. Mark cares deeply about the call and life of the preacher and to the manifestations of the Kingdom of God in the world’s most overlooked places. Mark’s books, “The Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God’s Call to Justice” (IVP, 2007) and “The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus” (IVP, 2010) helped pave the way for The Ogilvie Institute. His writing is a clarion call for preaching that inspires servant agents of love and justice in our world.

Occupation: President, Fuller Seminary
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Wes Avram

Wes Avram is currently the Senior Pastor of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has additionally served as Senior Pastor of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian in Bryn Mawr, PA, and the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette, IL. His academic positions have included assignments as Chaplain and Lecturer in Rhetoric and Religion at Bates College and as the Clement-Muehl Assistant Professor of Communication at Yale Divinity School and Assistant Professor in Yale’s Institute for Sacred Music. While at Yale, Wes organized and directed the YDS Initiative in Religion, Science and Technology, with grant support from the Center for the Natural Sciences and the Metanexus Institute. That initiative brought lectures to Yale, stimulated and supported student research, provided venue for dialogue, and sponsored a joint Divinity School/Yale College overview course on religion and science that he co-taught with Yale neuro-biologist Nihal Delanerolle. He is the author of Where the Light Shines Through (Brazos Press, 2005) and Anxious About Empire: Theological Reflections on the New Global Realities (Brazos, 2004). 

Wes brings his background in Rhetorical Studies to the dialogue between theology and science, as interested in how the dialogue (or conflict) is shaped as in the substance of the claims made by those engaged in it.

Occupation: Senior Pastor, Pinnacle Presbyterian Church; Adjunct faculty Pittsburgh Seminary
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Location: Pasadena, California

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Mad Max

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Danielle Goll

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Stephen Callender

Native Texan, world traveler…

Occupation: Wed Developer
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Todd Hoover

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Andrea Bressler

Location: Pasadena, CA

Occupation: Worship & Music Ministry Student at Fuller Theological Seminary Birthday: 5/14
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Dennis Jeffery

Tod Bolsinger's photo - {title}

Tod Bolsinger

Location: San Clemente, CA

Occupation: Pastor, author, blogger, consultant Birthday: 3/8
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Charlie Campbell

Occupation: pastor, therapist, musician
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Tom Parker

No bio yet.

Occupation: Director of Fuller Seminary Southwest
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Gayle Parker

Occupation: pastor, The Spring Church Birthday: 7/25
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Brad Wong

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Ken Fong

Location: Rosemead, CA

Originally from Sacramento, Ken came to EBCLA as a seminary intern from Fuller Seminary in 1978 and has served there continuously, becoming the senior pastor in 1996.  He developed his present narrative preaching style complete with self-designed slides over this span in the EvergreenLA pulpit as well as speaking often in different ethnic and multiethnic settings.  He was the main Bible expositor at Urbana 2000 and was a featured preacher at the Baptist World Alliance in England in 2005.  He is an avid photographer and cyclist.  His wife Sharon and he have one child, Janessa.

Occupation: Pastor
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Reshma Farhin

Asaadejhc9's photo - {title}


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Justin Goll

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Nate Risdon

Location: Pasadena, California

Nate Risdon currently serves as the Associate Director for the Brehm Center. After graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Worship, Theology, and the Arts, Nate began working for the Brehm Center in the Fall of 2007. His position allows him the opportunity to work in a creative environment with wonderful staff and faculty and the opportunity to interact with new and incoming student from a rich array of backgrounds.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area afforded Nate a wonderfully enriching and varied childhood both culturally and artistically. Soon after completing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Nate met and married his wife Mee Heh. In 2001, Nate and Mee Heh moved to Boston where he continued to pursue music, but also found his calling to explore the relationship between theology, culture, and art. He began this journey while performing as a featured soloist with the Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus, singing with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and volunteering for an arts ministry at Park Street Church.

Nate can be frequently spotted at his alternative office, Coffee by the Books in the Fuller Bookstore.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: Associate Director
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Ed Willmington

Location: Pasadena, California

Edwin M. (Ed) Willmington is the Director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts, and Composer-in-Residence at Fuller Theological Seminary.  As the institute director, Ed serves several roles. Among these responsibilities are teaching graduate level classes related to music and worship and serving as mentor to students who lead the Fuller Seminary Chapel ministry. Previously, his professional career has included serving as Worship and Arts Pastor at Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ for 22 years, Editor/Writer for Good Life Publications, Worship Pastor at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego, CA and Professor of Music at Point Loma University in San Diego. In 1995, he created Shepherd’s Staff Worship Music for the purpose of making available resources for worship planning. Ed is the composer/ arranger of more than 100 published works, served on the Advisory Board for The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration, and has been the recipient of many ASCAP awards for his contribution to church music.

Ed’s recent compositional and CD projects include “Jubilate! An Ancient-Future Concert Mass,” and “Reconciled in Christ,” the music for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, held in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2010. Ed also served as the conductor for those historic gatherings. He also has a special interest in encouraging the creativity of musical artists, and has developed Jubal House Publications (http://www.JubalHouse.com) as a means of sharing new works as tools for worship planning. Through Jubal House, Ed is also involved in commissioning new musical works with spiritual and theological content that are artistically intended for use in the concert hall.

Ed’s desire is to encourage creative corporate worship gatherings that connect people with God on a regular basis, and to create opportunities for worship ministry leaders and congregants to live out their giftedness as well. He is often asked to be a guest speaker at churches and conferences on topics related to worship and music. In order to model the principles of creative worship, Ed hosts an annual one-day worship training conference, Forming Hearts, Creating Art, and the Festival of Worship (http://www.FestivalofWorship.com), which is a creative worship gathering of choirs and instrumentalists held at the Los Angeles Cathedral. As an author, he has contributed his thoughts to periodicals and other publications, including the Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (Zondervan).

Ed has a BA in Church Music and Conducting (Bethel University [MN]), MM in Composition and DMA in Composition—-both from the University of Arizona. Ed and his wife Mary Lou have two married daughters, Nicolette Kay and Cami Ferreira, two sons-in-law, Timothy Kay and Gus Ferreira, and four wonderful grandchildren.

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Occupation: Director of the Fred Bock Institute for Music
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Chris Dewan

Ruth Skree's photo - {title}

Ruth Skree

David Frere's photo - {title}

David Frere

Location: Pasadena

Occupation: Student Birthday: 3/25
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Simon Castagna

Stefan Robinson's photo - {title}

Stefan Robinson

Elijah Davidson's photo - {title}

Elijah Davidson

Location: San Diego, CA

Elijah Davidson, Co-Director of Reel Spirituality, received his Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies and Theology and Art at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is keenly interested in all the different ways the Kingdom of God is expressed, and particularly how it can be expressed anew among those who have had negative experiences with Christians and churches in the past. Sharing a good meal with friends and soon-to-be friends is his favorite way to spend an evening, though sharing a bowl of popcorn is a close second. When he’s not in front of a movie screen, you’ll most often find him outside. He also really likes pie.

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Occupation: Web Manager for The Brehm Center and Co-Director of Reel Spirituality
Eugene Suen's photo - {title}

Eugene Suen

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Eugene Suen is the Co-Director of Reel Spirituality at Fuller Seminary and a filmmaker. Raised in Taiwan and the U.S., Eugene has co-directed the City of the Angels Film Festival, worked as a development executive for an Asian entertainment company, and is a member of Almond Tree Films, the team behind the award-winning film Munyurangabo, an official selection at Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto. His filmmaking credits include Abigail Harm starring Amanda Plummer and Will Patton, This is Comedy, a French documentary about the filmmaker Judd Apatow, and the upcoming Rwandan documentary Wild Dream.

Occupation: Filmmaker, Co-Director of Reel Spirituality
Fred Davison's photo - {title}

Fred Davison

Location: Pasadena, California

Dr. J. Frederick Davison is the Executive Director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary. After obtaining degrees in Vocal Performance from the Catholic University of America and Johns Hopkins’ Peabody Conservatory of Music, Fred served as a soloist and the assistant conductor of the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters. Following military service, he was a professional vocalist in New York City and then moved to Washington, DC, where he had a career in business. In 1996, he also served as the Interim Director of Music Ministry for National Presbyterian Church.

Fred and his wife Dottie moved to Pasadena in 1999 to develop the Brehm Center. At the same time, Fred studied conducting at UCLA. In June 2002, he received his Doctor of Musical Arts; and in July of that year, he was appointed Executive Director of the Brehm Center. He has since initiated the development of institutes within the center that focus on film and moving images, music, art and architecture, dramatic arts, preaching arts, and the church in contemporary culture. In addition to his administrative role, Dr. Davison conducts the Fuller Vocal Ensemble, a choral group he founded in 2000.

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Occupation: Executive Director of the Brehm Center
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Barry Taylor

Barry has served at Fuller Seminary in a number of capacities. On finishing his PhD at Fuller, he worked initially for the Brehm Center as co-director for the Reel Spirituality Institute and also began teaching theology and culture classes on music, film, pop culture and contemporary theology as an adjunct professor.

Currently, he works as the Brehm Center’s Artist in Residence, continuing his teaching and work with students, as well as serving as an advisor and guide to the Brehm Center as it has undergone a re-envisioning and branding process.

In addition to his work at Fuller, Barry serves as associate rector at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills and teaches advertising and consumer culture at the Art Center College of Design’s School of Advertising.

A talented song writer, he has composed music for movie soundtracks and has produced his own music CDs. Barry travels globally, speaking on a wide variety of issues related to the intersections of theology and contemporary culture. He coauthored A Matrix of Meanings: Finding God in Pop Culture and A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity. His latest book, Entertainment Theology: New Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy, was published in 2008.

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Todd Johnson

Todd E. Johnson joined Fuller in 2005 and is the William K. and Delores S. Brehm Associate Professor of Worship, Theology and the Arts. He is also the Theological Director of the Brehm Center. As a member of the Center for Advanced Theological Studies faculty, he is the lead professor in the new PhD concentration in Christian Worship (formerly Worship and Culture).

Johnson has a wide range of experience in education, ministry, and social services. Before coming to Fuller, he served on the faculties of North Park Theological Seminary and Loyola University, Chicago. Ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church, he has 20 years of experience in church and campus ministry and has been involved in inner-city youth work and community projects in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Johnson is the coauthor of Living Worship: A Multimedia Resource for Students and Leaders (2010), co-editor of Common Worship in Theological Education (2010), the editor of The Conviction of Things Not Seen: Worship and Ministry in the 21st Century (2002) and coauthor of Performing the Sacred: Theology and Theatre in Dialogue (2009) as part of the Engaging Culture series edited by Fuller professors Robert Johnston and William Dyrness. Johnson is also the recipient of grants through the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship to develop a multimedia resource for teaching worship and to study the place of chapel in seminary education. He is a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, the Academy of Homiletics, the American Academy of Religion, the American Society of Church History, and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, and serves as an editorial board member for Questions Liturgique.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: W.K. & D.S. Brehm Asso. Prof. of Worship, Theology & the Arts; Theo. Director
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John Hugh Tate

Birthday: 6/18
revtimyee's photo - {title}


Location: Los Angeles

Prayer request: finding a preschool for our daughter in the Pasadena area that we can afford.

Rev. Tim Yee is Pastor of Union Church of Los Angeles, a 94-year-old church in downtown L.A.’s Little Tokyo District. Tim’s dad was born and raised in downtown L.A. in his grandfather’s Chinese laundry business and also met his mother at a nearby downtown church. It seems “meant-to-be” that Tim is now the pastor of a church in downtown L.A. that is multi-ethnic, multi-generational and multi-socioeconomic. On a Sunday morning you will find young adults in their 20′s worshiping with Japanese-Americans in their 80′s. Downtown professionals mingle with the homeless from Skid Row. People of various ethnicities form a worshiping community that reflects the diversity of LA. Part of Tim’s inspiration to come back to Los Angeles was a conversation with Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church who convinced Tim that Los Angeles is one of the most important cities to begin a movement of churches bringing social, cultural and spiritual renewal.

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, it was during his high school years that Tim gave his life to the Lord at Hume Lake Christian Camps and sensed a call into full-time ministry.

Tim previously pastored at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles where he first started attending as a student at UCLA. Through his worship leadership, bible teaching and discipling of students he saw the fellowship eventually grow into a thriving ministry of 400 university students from UCLA, USC and other surrounding colleges. He then began a new worship service in 1998 with less than 100 in attendance and within four years had over 1500. He most recently pastored at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Newport Beach leading the missions department where he oversaw over 100 partners in local and global missions. He has traveled to Egypt, Armenia, South Africa, Mexico City, Thailand, Malawi and the Middle East on ministry projects while also focusing on local outreaches serving the homeless, orphans and those in bondage to modern-day slavery.

Tim received his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Seminary where he is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry program focused on Missional Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Prior to this Tim received his Masters of Education at UCLA and taught mathematics in a public high school.

Tim has been married to his wife, Kati, for 12 years and they have a three-year-old girl, Avery. Kati serves in the church’s children’s ministry, building committee and mentors women on the leadership team. Kati co-leads the Micah Group with Tim.

You can keep up with Tim at his blog, http://www.LApastor.com

Birthday: 7/3
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Location: Fresno, CA

Occupation: Associate Pastor Birthday: 7/8
Susan Su's photo - {title}

Susan Su

William Dyrness's photo - {title}

William Dyrness

Location: Pasadena, California

William Dyrness, professor of theology and culture, joined the Fuller faculty in 1990 and served as dean of the School of Theology from 1990 to 2000. He teaches courses in theology, culture, and the arts, and was a founding member of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts.

Dyrness has over 30 years of teaching experience in the U.S., the Philippines, Kenya, and South Korea. He has published work in a variety of fields, including theology and culture, apologetics, theology and art, and global missions. His recent works include Poetic Theology (Summer 2010),A Primer in Christian Worship (2009), the Global Dictionary of Theology (co-edited with Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, 2008), Senses of the Soul: Art and the Visual in Christian Worship (2008), Reformed Theology and Visual Culture: The Protestant Imagination from Calvin to Edwards (2004), Visual Faith (2001), Changing the Mind of Missions with James F. Engel(2000), and The Earth is God’s: A Theology of American Culture (1997).  He has also served on the national boards of Christians in the Visual Arts (Wenham, MA), 1999 to 2005, and Development Associates International (Colorado Springs, CO), 2000 to the present, and is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He is currently at work on a major research project funded by the Henry Luce Foundation on the use of visual images in worship in Christian, Buddhist and Muslim communities.

Bill is married to Grace Roberts Dyrness, and has four grown children, and one granddaughter.

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Occupation: Professor of Theology and Culture
Rob Johnston's photo - {title}

Rob Johnston

Robert Johnston joined the faculty of Fuller in 1993, serving as provost until 1995 and now serving as professor of theology and culture. He brought with him 20 years of teaching, ecclesial, and academic administrative experience, including 11 years as dean and provost at North Park College and Theological Seminary.

Johnston has published in a variety of fields, including selected Old Testament topics, evangelical theology, and, most recently, theology and film. His recent books include Useless Beauty (2004), Finding God in the Movies (co-written with Catherine Barsotti, 2004), Life Is Not Work/Work Is Not Life (co-written with J. Walker Smith, 2001), and Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue, 2nd edition (2000, 2006). He is editor of Reframing Theology and Film: New Focus for an Emerging Discipline (Baker Academic, 2007), general editor of the New International Biblical Commentary Series, Old Testament (Hendrickson), and co-editor of both the Engaging Culture and the Exegeting Culture series for Baker Academic Books, as well as the Religion and Film Series for Routledge.  A past president of the American Theological Society and the recipient of two major research grants from the Luce Foundation, Johnston is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: Professor of Theology and Culture
Lin Preiss's photo - {title}

Lin Preiss

Aaron Raymond's photo - {title}

Aaron Raymond

Brad King's photo - {title}

Brad King

Michelle Baker-Wright's photo - {title}

Michelle Baker-Wright

PhD candidate in Christian Worship. Brehm Scholar 2007-present.

Michelle Baker-Wright is the current Brehm PhD Scholar. She graduated magna cum laude from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California with a Bachelors of Music in Flute Performance, where she studied with former Principals of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She has also performed at master classes taught by Principals of the New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, and professors from The Curtis Institute of Music, Juilliard, and the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2006, she graduated with a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Christian Worship, with Dr. Todd Johnson as her mentor. Michelle has served as Director of Fuller’s All-Seminary Chapel, and is the Senior Associate at St. James’ Episcopal Church, South Pasadena, where she often composes music and designs liturgies for a contemplative Eucharist called “Sacramentum.” She has contributed a chapter about leading chapel in multidenominational seminary contexts to Common Worship in Theological Education, edited by Siobhán Garrigan and Todd E. Johnson, has been published in Missiology: An International Review, and has written prayers that were circulated nationally as part of Bread for the World Sunday and featured by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. Her dissertation is focusing upon developing an interdisciplinary framework that can bring musicology and sacramental theology into deeper dialogue. Michelle is a member of the North American Academy of Liturgy.

Occupation: Brehm PhD Scholar
Edward Yang's photo - {title}

Edward Yang

PhD Candidate in Theology and Culture under Dr. William Dyrness. (Dissertation will be on neo-Calvinist aesthetics and Reformed theology of worship space.)  Serving as associate director for the Institute of the Study for Asian American Christianity (ISAAC-SoCal region).  Plan to teach in a college setting while working in a church ministry.  Married to Sunnie (celebrating 10 yrs.) with three boys (Ethan, Eliot and Hunter).  Brehm Scholar 2006-2007

Ryan Bolger's photo - {title}

Ryan Bolger

Ryan Bolger is Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary Ryan Bolger joined Fuller faculty in 2002 and is associate professor of church in contemporary culture in the School of Intercultural Studies. With his research focusing on the emerging and missional church movements, he teaches classes on contemporary culture, including postmodern and new media cultures, exploring the implications these cultures have on Christian witness. With Fuller’s Senior Professor of Church Growth Eddie Gibbs, Bolger co-authored Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Communities in Postmodern Cultures (2005), based on research and interviews with church leaders throughout the U.S. and U.K. His publications include chapters in Mass Culture (2008), Worship That Changes Lives (2008), An Emergent Manifesto of Hope (2008), and Evangelical, Ecumenical, and Anabaptist Missiologies in Conversation: Essays in Honor of Wilbert R. Shenk (2006). For his research on pastoral leadership in the emerging church, Bolger received an award from Duke Divinity School in 1999, and in 2005, he received an award from Yale for his teaching on American culture and the gospel. He is a member of the Allelon Mission to Western Culture Project and, additionally, has been one of the founding voices in the dialogue between the emerging church and emerging synagogue. http://www.ryanbolger.com/.

Eddie Gibbs's photo - {title}

Eddie Gibbs

Edmund (Eddie) Gibbs is emeritus faculty and former senior professor of church growth in the School of Intercultural Studies and has been on the faculty since 1984, after graduating with his DMin from Fuller in 1982.

Gibbs came to Fuller from England with extensive interest and experience in mission, both at home and overseas.  Gibbs and his wife Renee spent five years in Santiago and Quilpue, Chile, and in the following years, Gibbs served as home secretary of his mission, the South American Missionary Society.  He later worked with the British and Foreign Bible Society for seven years, and during that time served as the training director for Mission England, culminating in six Billy Graham crusades in various English cities. 

While actively teaching at Fuller, Gibbs occupied the Robert Munger Chair of Evangelism and the Donald A. McGavran Chair of Church Growth.  Now partially retired as a senior professor, Gibbs continues to research emerging trends with young leaders.  He also contributes to the Study of Emerging Churches, in the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts.  Currently, his academic interests include evangelizing nominal Christians, assisting local churches in becoming evangelizing churches, and developing the Church’s response to modernity and post-modernity in becoming a missionary presence.  The author of popular church growth text Church Next (2000), Gibbs speaks about evangelism, church growth, and leadership around the world.  In the last few years, his teaching has taken him around the U.S. and to such countries as Singapore, Korea, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and South Africa.

Gibbs has authored 13 books in total, with some of his other publications including ChurchMorph (2009), LeadershipNext: Changing Leaders in a Changing Culture (2005), Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures (2005) with co-author Ryan Bolger, Way to Serve (2003), Way to Go (2003), In Name Only (1994), Good News Is for Sharing (1993), and I Believe in Church Growth (1981, revised 1985, 1989).

Occupation: Emeritus Faculty, Senior Professor of Church Growth
Roberta King's photo - {title}

Roberta King

Roberta King is associate professor of communication and ethnomusicology in the School of Intercultural Studies. Since coming to Fuller in 2000, she has served as All-Seminary Chapel director and developed a new curriculum for “Ethnomusicology in Mission”—renamed Global Christian Worship (ethnomusicology)—at the MA level, and has recently launched a new Doctor of Missiology in Ethnomusicology.

After studying music at the undergraduate and graduate levels, King began her missionary career in Kenya at Daystar Communications, now Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. While there, she recognized the power of music to communicate the gospel profoundly within varying cultural contexts. She directed and led worship at Nairobi Baptist Church and established the Department of Christian Music Communication at Daystar University. King also served for 20 years with WorldVenture, a U.S.-based mission society, working with church leaders in 11 African nations, from Senegal to Madagascar, to develop appropriate songs for communicating the gospel in over 80 different languages.

In addition to her academic responsibilities at Fuller, King continues to reach out to the global Church, teaching and holding recent workshops in Chennai, India; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Nairobi, Kenya; and serving as the Hearn Innovator in Christian Music speaker at Baylor University’s School of Music. Though she teaches such subjects as qualitative research and intercultural communication, her passion is to communicate Christ through song and the arts of a culture in ways that lead to her ultimate missional goal: to release God’s people, from all nations, to worship Jesus Christ.

King has published Pathways in Christian Music Communication (2009), Music in the Life of the African Church (2008), A Time to Sing: A Manual for the African Church (1999), and articles in journals such as Missiology and the Evangelical Missions Quarterly. She is also a regular contributor to Worship Leader magazine and EthnoDoxology, the journal of the International Council of EthnoDoxologists, an organization which she helped to found and now serves on both its Founders and Academic Programs committees.  She is currently the recipient of a Luce Research Grant focused on “Songs of Peace and Reconciliation: A Comparative Study of Music, Worship and the Arts Among Muslims and Christians” as part of a Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts initiative.  The first colloquium of scholars met in Beirut, Lebanon in April 2009, with the second colloquium planned for April 2010 in Bandung, Indonesia.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: Associate Professor of Communication and Ethnomusicology
Lynn Reynolds's photo - {title}

Lynn Reynolds

Location: Pasadena, California

Lynn Reynolds has a doctor of Philosophy in Communication from Regent University and degrees in Communication from the University of Hawaii and Abilene Christian University.

Her scholarly research includes co-authored works: (2006) Measuring intrinsic motivations: Understanding society’s internal values. In R. A. Reynolds, R. Wood & J. D. Baker (eds), The Handbook of Research on Electronic Surveys & Measurements. Hershey,PA: Idea Group, Inc; (2003) The use of evidence in interpersonal relationships. In Frans H. van Eemeren, J. Anthony Blair, Charles A. Willard (eds), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA’02). Amsterdam: SIC SAT.; (2002) Evidence. In J. P. Dillard and M. Pfau (eds). Persuasion Research Handbook (pp. 427-444). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.;(2000). Ecumenical promise keepers: oxymoron or fidelity. In D. Claussen (Ed.). Good news or dupes and reactionaries: the promise keepers. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co. Press. In addition, she has presented papers at over a dozen National Communication Association meetings.

Cynthia Glass's photo - {title}

Cynthia Glass

Occupation: Office Assistant (Work Study)
Kathleen Tiemubol's photo - {title}

Kathleen Tiemubol

Location: Pasadena, California

Kathleen Tiemubol [tee-em-oo-bone] began work as Assistant to the Executive Director, Fred Davison, in January 2005, after returning from Bangkok with her husband George. In Thailand, Kathleen worked as an English teacher and volunteered with a mission agency that worked in slum communities.

Born in New Jersey, Kathleen has called the Los Angeles area home since she was ten. Before pursuing a missionary career, she obtained her BA in English Literature at Pomona College and took several classes at Fuller as a limited enrollment student. With the vision of sending teams to live among the urban poor, she worked with a group of InterVarsity graduates to found Servant Partners International in 1993. The organization started with teams living in five low-income neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including Northwest Pasadena. It has now expanded overseas, with teams in Mexico, North Africa, the Middle East, Kenya, Thailand, and India.

In the future, Kathleen and her husband plan to return to Bangkok and work to empower the poor through micro-enterprise development and savings and loan programs. They also hope to start an agency to place orphaned and abandoned children in Christian homes, as well as adopting a few of the children themselves.

Occupation: Operations Manager
Grace Farag's photo - {title}

Grace Farag

Joy Moyal's photo - {title}

Joy Moyal

Trent Pettit's photo - {title}

Trent Pettit

As a designer Trent Pettit seeks to present the Brehm Center’s vision through clear and interesting advertising solutions.  While forming various promotional materials for the creative exploits of the Brehm Center, Trent also attends Fuller Theological Seminary (M. Div) on a full time basis.

Trent received a BFA from Louisiana Tech University in 2007.

Occupation: Communication Design
John Lui's photo - {title}

John Lui

Location: Pasadena

Occupation: Brehm Center Graduate Student Birthday: 8/22
Tina Hamous's photo - {title}

Tina Hamous

Location: Pasadena, California

As the Associate Director of Outreach, Tina Hamous is developing a new initiative called The Center Out, whose mission is to support congregational ministry by offering interactive resources to enable the church, pastor, artist and layperson to engage the popular culture and community through creative and artistic worship.

Tina has over twenty-five years of experience in both business and ministry and is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA and the Founder and President of Heart Key Ministries, a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation. The purpose of Heart Key Ministries is to bring music workshops and conferences to communities who do not have access to artistic courses and who desire to engage their community through the creative arts such as dance, theatre, choral, sign language and instrumental lessons. 

Recently, Tina served as the Associate Pastor at Port Hueneme Presbyterian Church with the objective to evaluate the church, discover how it operated, and design an overall plan for the Church to begin to thrive.  Tina accomplished this by developing a plan she calls Motivate, Equip and Mobilize, aka M.E.M.  Working collaboratively with the Pastor and Elders, Tina determined the functional and financial needs of the Church.  She designed a plan of action to Motivate the congregation by holding community events and forum conversations, to Equip leaders and servants through training seminars and one on one meetings, and finally to Mobilize the congregation into ownership of the work of the ministry. 

Prior to her full time commitment to ministry, Rev. Hamous founded and owned Hamous Investments Financial Division, a California Company established in 1989, and served the community as a banker and financial advisor.  Licensed in the state of California, Tina managed and operated four thriving offices in the Northern and Southern California areas and worked as a consultant for corporations and private individuals for over twenty-five years.

Tina is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and holds a Masters of Divinity degree.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: Associate Director of Outreach
Michael Wright's photo - {title}

Michael Wright

Alexis Abernethy's photo - {title}

Alexis Abernethy

Alexis Abernethy joined Fuller in 1998, serving as professor of psychology. Prior to coming to Fuller, she was on faculty within the Psychology Division of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center for 12 years.

Abernethy’s primary research interest is the intersection between spirituality and health, and she has received grants from the following grantors: California Cancer Research Program, the National Cancer Institute, Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, and the Templeton Foundation. Recent areas of study include the relationship between religiousness and prostate screening among African American men and cultural factors among African American men that facilitate and impede colorectal and prostate cancer screening. She has also researched religious coping and depression among spouses of people with lung cancer, as well as the subjective experience of worship within and across ethnic and denominational groups and the connection of worship to behavioral and health-related outcomes. Additionally, while at the University of Rochester Medical Center, she and her colleagues developed a new eight-item scientific measure of spirituality called the Spiritual Transcendence Index (STI).

Abernethy has published articles in journals such as Health Education and Behavior; Multicultural Counseling and Development; Mental Health, Religion, and Culture; Academic Medicine; Psychosomatics; International Journal of Group Psychotherapy; Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research, and recently edited the book, Worship That Changes Lives: Multidisciplinary and Congregational Perspectives on Spiritual Transformation, published by Baker Academic in November 2008. Her clinical specialties include adult individual and group psychotherapy, and she frequently serves as a research consultant to various projects that seek to utilize a culturally competent approach.
Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching:

Psychodynamic psychotherapy, spirituality and health, prostate cancer screening and religiousness, anger management, cultural competence, and group psychotherapy.

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Occupation: Professor of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology
Kutter Callaway's photo - {title}

Kutter Callaway

Kutter Callaway is the Director of Church Relations and an Affiliate Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. His theological musings are often focused on contemporary culture. His book, Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience, on the theological significance of music in film, is due out in January of 2013 through Baylor University Press. He also contributed to Halos and Avatars (2010), the first book on theology and video games, and Don’t Stop Believin’ (2012), a dictionary of religion and popular culture.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Occupation: Affiliate Professor of Theology and Culture
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Wesley Vander Lugt's photo - {title}

Wesley Vander Lugt

Location: St Andrews, Scotland

Occupation: PhD Candidate
Neville Kiser's photo - {title}

Neville Kiser


Scott Hinsche's photo - {title}

Scott Hinsche


Occupation: Executive and Associate Pastor and Attorney Birthday: 7/21
Joey Novak's photo - {title}

Joey Novak

Sabrina Chan's photo - {title}

Sabrina Chan

Location: Union City, CA

Occupation: Area Director, InterVarsity; seminary student
Dana Cunliffe's photo - {title}

Dana Cunliffe

Ben Dudley's photo - {title}

Ben Dudley

Ben Dudley was born and raised in Texas, though he has always felt like he belonged on the West Coast. He and his wife now reside in Portland, Oregon. Ben is a graduate of Baylor University in 1999 with a Church Recreation and Leisure Services Degree, and is currently two years into a Master of Arts in Global Leadership Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has served as a pastor in two different churches prior to moving to Portland where he and his wife, are learning how to be the church. Ben also works with CrossTraining-US.org where he serves as a chaplain to professional soccer players in Portland. He considers himself a very lucky man to be married to his beautiful wife Jamie, who is his best friend and partner in ministry. They both love to travel, eat good food and spend time with friends and family.

Nicole Weldon's photo - {title}

Nicole Weldon


Jenelle 's photo - {title}


Allison Ash's photo - {title}

Allison Ash

Master of Divinity - Worship, Theology, and the Arts emphasis. Brehm Scholar 2007-2008.

Allison graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Music (piano). Her worship ministry began in 1995 and includes serving as the Director of Contemporary Worship at First Presbyterian Church in Grand Haven, Michigan and Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston, Texas; and as the Director of Chapel at Fuller Theological Seminary. Allison’s worship and music ministry has taken her to Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Austria, India, and China. Because one of her biggest passions is mentoring and training young worship leaders for ministry, she developed a worship leader internship at First Presbyterian Church and supervised the Fuller All-Seminary Chapel internship program. Allison’s musical recording includes piano studio work for television in the Los Angeles area, serving as the executive producer of the First Presbyterian Church CD, Back To You, and playing the piano and singing on the 2006 Vineyard CD, In His Presence. Allison and her husband Jeff served on the worship bands at the Anaheim Vineyard Christian Fellowship from 2002-2007 and currently attend First United Methodist Church in Pasadena.

Deborah Buchanan's photo - {title}

Deborah Buchanan

PhD in Theology and Culture. Brehm Scholar 2006-2007.

Leah Marie Buturain's photo - {title}

Leah Marie Buturain

Leah Buturain Schneider is the Brehm Scholar of Theology and Culture at the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts.  Leah brings to her interdisciplinary work in theology and the arts a keen and poetic desire to meet, greet, and give thanks to God for the beauty in others, in creation and in the material world.  She has a B.A. from Wheaton College in Literature and served as a T.A. in the Psychology Department, an M.A. in English Literature from Ohio State where she taught writing.  Leah worked as a gerontologist in legal rights of older adults, including work with both the Senate and House Aging Committees on Capitol Hill.  She taught courses in literature, ethics, and humanities at the Andrus Gerontology School, USC, where her husband, Edward Schneider, M.D., subsequently worked as Dean.  When her four children reached ages where they could practice their instruments, she returned to school as a mature student, earning a common M.A. in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, simultaneously earning an M.A. in Theology and Art, from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology. 

Before entering the Center for Advanced Theological Studies at Fuller, Leah served as an Expert Consultant in Catholic Visual Culture for the first Luce Colloquium on Sacred Imagery Colloquium.  She also parlayed her research as an Extended Reader in the Getty Research Institute to recommend titles of books in Arts ad Theology, purchased by Luce Foundation funds that establish Fuller’s David Allen Hubbard Library as a leading Protestant seminary of visual and material cultural holdings. 

Leah taught Theology and the Art of Devotion exploring the use of imagery and theological writings of the devotio moderna in 2005, then began her doctoral program at Fuller as a student in the Orvieto Program, 2006.  Two years later she taught Gothic Style Sienese Art and Devotional Praxis in Orvieto.  taught in Orvieto for Fuller two years later. Leah has presented at two Luce symposiums, and the second as Senior Researcher for the Luce “Temples of the Heart:  A Colloquium on the Role of Visual Culture in Spiritual Practice.”  Her presentation “Witness to Wonder:  Tallit as Trigger” presented images and findings from interviews in three leading synagogues in Los Angeles. 

After being hit as a passenger by a reckless driver who had stolen a car, Leah began a three-year recovery program that has taught her new ways of understanding what it means to be a wounded healer.  Her own heartland coinage of the Benedictine motto “Work and Prayer” is “grace and grit.” Her training in Spiritual Direction and Hospice inform her engagement with the arts and worship.  She is grateful to her mentor William Dyrness for research opportunities, to Fred and Dottie Davison for the community they have fostered at the Brehm Center, and to Bill and Dee Brehm for making it possible to pursue her dream of interdisciplinary work in theology, literature, art history, and cultural studies.  Having helped her husband raise funds for student scholarships at USC, she knows firsthand the power of donors who keep the gift moving.  The Brehms generate by the example of their living, a standard of excellence and dedication that inspires their scholarship recipients to do their best with their respective gifts and callings.

Leah is currently composing her dissertation proposal involving mid-fifteenth century devotional praxis and altarpieces of the annunciation.

Christine Lee Allen's photo - {title}

Christine Lee Allen

Master of Divinity - Worship and Music Ministry emphasis. Brehm Scholar 2008-2009.

Christine Lee is a graduate of voice studies and music education at the University of Toronto.  She has performed as a soloist with many of the top choirs and orchestras in Canada as well as in Europe, touring with the prestigious International Bachakademie Festivalensemble Stuttgart.  Christine has performed in concerts, recitals and operas including Die Fledermaus and La Traviata.  A multiple award recipient for proficiency in voice and a national conservatory scholar, Christine has now turned her focus to leading worship ministry in the church.  She hopes to make the church experience a theologically-grounded, stimulating, relevant and reviving community of worship using all the avenues of art.  Having released her debut album “Daddy’s Girl” in 2006, she hopes to continue her composing and recording projects in the future.  Christine is presently a programming pastor and worship leader for the children’s ministry at Young-Nak Presbyterian Church in L.A.

Cristian Cazacu's photo - {title}

Cristian Cazacu

Master of Arts: Global Christian Worship emphasis. Brehm Scholar 2007-2010.

Cristian grew up in the Orthodox Church but really came to know Christ at the age of 15. Since making a commitment to Christ, he has been active in the church as a worship leader and recording artist and has a passion for evangelism, particularly for the ethnic groups in his home country of Romania. Since 1993, Cristian has worked with various youth evangelism organizations, including a born again band (Romania and Eastern Europe), SOZO Music and Arts Festival (Hungary), Youth for Christ Romania, RNT National Youth Network (Romania), YWAM (Romania & USA), and Smirna Fellowship (Romania). While involved in these groups, Cristian increasingly had the desire to reconcile the expressions of worship with his own cultural and religious heritage, rather than continue to use western forms. At Fuller, Cristian hopes to develop a sound, theological understanding of worship and its principles, especially as it relates to the cultures where it is expressed. He plans to focus his research on how to apply the principles of contextualized biblical worship within a culture, in order to redeem, restore and develop that culture’s unique expression of creative worship to God. Cristian’s dream is to see his country “worship like never before, through the creative expression of the arts, redeemed for God’s glory.”

Elspeth Noble's photo - {title}

Elspeth Noble

Master of Arts in Theology - Theology and the Arts emphasis. Brehm Scholar 2010-2011.

Elspeth hails from the United Kingdom and is delighted to be exploring California!  She grew up in Manchester, England, and studied at Edinburgh University in Scotland. While working towards her undergraduate in English Literature, Elspeth furthered and deepened her love of all things musical and theatrical.  Upon graduating, she spent time doing voluntary work in South Africa, before returning to the UK to do a one year post-graduate programme in Theological Ethics with a focus in media communications.  She then gathered diverse and valuable life experience within the educational travel industry, working with the homeless with an NGO, and in office management in the public health sector.  Continuously she felt the pull to investigate further study and practice in the area of theology and the arts, and was, therefore, incredibly excited to stumble across the Brehm Center.  Currently, she is eagerly anticipating her Masters Thesis project which will utilise aspects of Augusto Boals’ “Theatre of the Oppressed” to explore and facilitate theatre with disadvantaged people.  In the future she would love to continue research in the area of theology and the arts, specifically addressing questions pertaining to theology and theatre. She is excited about the potential this academic field has to enrich theological thought and worship practice in the church today.

Jonghun Joo's photo - {title}

Jonghun Joo

PhD in Christian Worship. Brehm Scholar 2006-2007.

Born in 1972 in Seoul, Korea, Jong Hun Joo completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Chongshin University, Seoul, in February 1995 with a major in Theology. He received his Master of Divinity from Chongshin Theological Seminary in February 1998. In September 2004 he received his Master of Arts in Theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Worship and Culture (Christian Worship) at Fuller Theological Seminary in December 2010. Jonghun Joo is married to Sangye Lee and they have two children, Ha-young (Gloria) and Ha-jin (Robert). He is currently looking for his full time teaching or ministerial work.

Birthday: 5/13
Tony Mills's photo - {title}

Tony Mills

PhD in Theology and Culture. Brehm Scholar 2006-2007.

Brian Haynes's photo - {title}

Brian Haynes

Master of Divinity - Worship and Music Ministry.  Brehm Scholar 2009-2010

Todd Farley's photo - {title}

Todd Farley

PhD in Theology and Culture. Brehm Scholar 2002-2005.

Todd Farley is an citizen of the world.  He spent his early childhood in Hawaii and his arts training in Paris, France (‘84-‘87) under the tutorship of the legendary Marcel Marceau.  Todd began ministry as a mime in 1978, in 1989 he was ordained as a minister, and since that time he has worked with Churches, parachurch organizations, and institution of higher learning thoughout the world.  In 1985 He developed the program which would lead to the founding of Mimeistry; an international company which had conducted tours and developed a full arts and ministry curriculm for Mimeistry’s college: a three year program which drew from over 40 nations, with representation in places such as New Zealand, England, Holland, France, Russia and beyond (see the link “Mimeistry Past” for more information or the CV under “jobs and talents” for more detailed information). As a performer he has performed in such places as the Sydney Opera House, David’s Citadel Jerusalem, to an outhouse roof in the Marchall Islands. He’s worked with Artists such as Carmen, Ray Boltz, and Ballet Magnificat, with TV appearances on the BBC and ABC.  In 1987, he published his first book and video and he has continued to publish since that date, becoming an internationally recognized authority on mime, arts theology and creative preaching. From 1994-2006 he lived in California, where he received his Ph.D in Theology and Culture and served as Fuller’s Artist in Residence and the Director of the Institute for Dramatic Arts. From 2002-2007 he taught as a professor of doctoral studies in Sunday Morning Worship and the Arts for the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies.  From 2006–2008 he taught as an associate professor of communication arts and theatre at Calvin College. Though he has served as a professor and performer he as always continued in ministry. In 2008 he transferred his ministry credentials to the United Church of Christ, was trained as an “intention interim” and took the Senior Pastorate at Second Congregational United Church of Christ in Grand Rapids.  In 2009 he was asked to join the Board of Directors for the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ where he serves various functions: including youth director for the conference. In 2011 he continued in Pastoral ministry with the UCC by taking a pastorate at First Congregtional Church in Saginaw, Michigan. Thus, for over 30 years he has always lead a rich and varied life as a minister, professor and performer.

Craig Detweiler's photo - {title}

Craig Detweiler

PhD in Theology and Culture. Brehm Scholar 2002-2007.

Craig Detweiler is Associate Professor of Communication at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  Craig directs Pepperdine’s Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture.

His first book (co-written with Barry Taylor), A Matrix of Meanings:  Finding God in Pop Culture (2003) was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in Theology/Doctrine.  His recent books include Into the Dark:  Seeing the Sacred in the Top Films in the 21st Century (2008) and A Purple State of Mind:  Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture (2008).  Craig edited the first book on theology and video games, Halos and Avatars:  Playing Video Games with God (2010). 

Detweiler has also written chapters in Behind the Screen:  Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture (2005), Reframing Theology and Film (2007), Small Screen, Big Picture:  Television and Lived Religion (2009), and the Routledge Companion to Religion and Film (2009).

Feature films he has written include The Duke (1999) and Extreme Days (2001).  As a director, his documentary Williams Syndrome:  A Highly Musical Species (1996) won a Cine Golden Eagle and his comedic doc Purple State of Mind (2008) won “Best Spiritual Film” at the Breckenridge Festival of Film.  Detweiler has also written study guides for acclaimed films like Walk the Line, The Great Debaters, Lars and the Real Girl, and The Blind Side.

Craig produces the annual City of the Angels Film Festival at the Directors Guild in Hollywood.  Over a hundred classics mergers of theology and film have been screened at the fest.  Detweiler has served as a juror for the Beliefnet Film Awards, the Heartland Film Festival, the Angelus Awards and Patheos’ Faith on Campus contest.  He also leads a coalition of schools and educators to the Sundance Film Festival for the WindRider Forum.

Craig is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Davidson College and earned an M.F.A. from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema/TV.  Craig completed his MDiv and PhD at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Detweiler’s cultural commentary has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, and NPR.  He blogs at purplestateofmind.com.

John Guthrie's photo - {title}

John Guthrie

Location: Pasadena

Master of Arts in Theology. Brehm Scholar 2004-2007.

Occupation: PhD student and Psychological Assistant
Richard Goodwin's photo - {title}

Richard Goodwin

steve scott's photo - {title}

steve scott


Anna Blanch's photo - {title}

Anna Blanch

Christopher Min's photo - {title}

Christopher Min

Location: Los Angeles

Birthday: 9/5
Allison Norton's photo - {title}

Allison Norton

Location: Pasadena

Amy Sherman, Ph.D's photo - {title}

Amy Sherman, Ph.D

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Amy L. Sherman oversees the work of Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities, which builds capacity among congregations and nonprofis for effective community ministry. She is the author of five books and founded and formerly led the work of Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries, a holistic urban ministry. Amy is on the Advisory Board of the Christian Community Development Association and also serves as a Senior Fellow with International Justice Mission.

Occupation: Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Faith in Communities of the Sagamore Insti
Rhonda Gibson's photo - {title}

Rhonda Gibson


Wayne Schroeder's photo - {title}

Wayne Schroeder


John Fanous's photo - {title}

John Fanous

Location: Pittsburg, CA

Occupation: Pastor Birthday: 4/9
Bart Garrett's photo - {title}

Bart Garrett

Location: Berkeley

Bart and Katie moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to launch Christ Church, a congregation that just had her fifth birthday in April 2011. Last year (2010), we were blessed in acquiring and old, historic church building in Berkeley’s gourmet ghetto, and we continue to lease a second site for Sunday evening worship in Oakland. Bart and Katie have three daughters, Caroline (10), Clair (7), and Cameron (4).

Occupation: Lead Pastor Birthday: 10/17
Kevin Kim's photo - {title}

Kevin Kim

Location: Menlo Park

Occupation: Campus Minister/Teaching Pastor Birthday: 9/21
Michael McBride's photo - {title}

Michael McBride