Brehm Center invites current Fuller students and alumni to participate in the Brehm Center Practicing Critic Program

In our ongoing efforts to encourage fine, generous, theologically informed criticism, we are thrilled to expand the Brehm Center Practicing Critic Program to include album and concert reviews as well as movie reviews. Fuller students and alumni interested in refining their critical craft are invited to apply. The program is open to current Fuller students and alumni.

Accepted applicants will be reimbursed monthly for the cost of albums and/or concert and movie tickets for all reviews published by Brehm Center, they will be featured and promoted on Brehm Center's Online Experience Blog or on the Reel Spirituality website, and they will receive editorial feedback on assigned reviews.

Reviews are 400-800 word pieces focused on a single, recently release album or film currently in theaters.

Application Process

Read "Stop Criticizing, Start Exploring" as an introduction to our approach to music and film criticism. The article is specifically about film criticism, but the ethos applies to music criticism as well.

Then, submit all of the following as a .txt file via email to naterisdon at fuller dot edu for music-related applications and to elijahdavidson at fuller dot edu for movie-related applications.

Fuller G Number:
Year Graduated/Expected Graduation Date:
Personal Website (if any):
Twitter Handle (if any):

Respond to the following prompts concisely (no more than 300 words per numbered prompt):

1) What do you appreciate about the posture toward criticism articulated in the article? In what ways do you disagree?
2) Why are you interested in music/film criticism? What does it mean to you? What do you hope to accomplish when you sit down to write about an album, a film, or a television show?
3) Describe a time when an album, movie, or television show impacted you deeply.

Please include links to the two best reviews you've written.


After you have submitted a complete application, we will review it thoroughly and respond. When you are accepted, we will share our style guide, publication, and reimbursement process with you.

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