Podcast with subjects of “I’ll Push You” documentary
By Andrew Neel on January 17, 2018

Fuller Studio recently posted a new episode of the "Various Voices" podcast. This episode features the subjects of I'll Push You, a powerful documentary about friendship, dedication, and suffering. In the film, Patrick agrees to a crazy proposition -- to push his lifelong best friend, Justin, across the historical 500-mile pilgrimage of northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago in a wheelchair. 

Reel Spirituality had the honor of hosting a screening of the film in the fall of 2017, and we're excited to share this conversation from the "Various Voices" podcast and help spread the word about this powerful documentary.

You can view the film now, and you can check out a Reel Spirituality interview with the filmmakers.

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5 Responses to "Podcast with subjects of “I’ll Push You” documentary"

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